Stuck Between A Rock and A Hard Place

Sunday, September 27

By Nhi

We are in dire times. We're stuck between a rock and a hard place. Our lives, freedoms, and democracy are threatened by the Republican Party while our hopes are squandered by the Democratic Party.

One side is ferocious in their campaign for supremacy of one skin color and genitalia. The other play peacemaker without a plan, nor spine. The American people are getting attacked and abandoned at the same time.

As Americans, we need to stick together. This is the most important election of our lifetime because it may be the last. So much is at stake, and even if you're a straight, white man with a job intact, please look around.... Is this dystopia what you envisioned for your life? A killer virus, flammable pollution, crumbling infrastructure, social unrest, and a useless American passport? No! You deserve better, but Trump doesn't care, blue or red.

If you only vote once in your life, make it this one. Vote like your life, freedom, or frequent flier miles depend on it, because they do.

FYI: Trump has already declared that he won't transfer power peacefully if Biden wins, which means he's staging a coup a.k.a. treason.

The first step to stopping a coup is to prevent it from happening at all. Right now, our biggest chance in defeating Trump is by drowning him in blue votes. He can't gaslight and encourage his base of fanatics and wanna-be Republicans if we show them what the real American majority want, which is a peacemaker, not a dictator.

This is the safest step for everyone. If we fail, Trump will destroy what he has already undermined - our democracy. More people will die from Covid-19. Federally sanctioned violence will continue to grow into a complete police-state. Americans will be banned indefinitely from entering most countries. These things are already happening. Trump will just be finishing the job.

Vote well. Vote blue. Vote now!

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