Suburban Boys

Thursday, June 24

By Sophia Marie Green

standing a bit too close to the edge

making dark jokes but scaring all his friends

staying up to three every night

throws around slurs but runs from a fight


acting pretty sus around all of the guys

leave the door open and don't say goodbye

getting high but not from indo

hand on the wheel but looking out the window


drunken late nights out on the golf course

wishing for love but fucking all these whores

suburban boys supposed to jump with joy

suburban boys but it isn't a choice


parents argue everyday

same dumb shit anyway

pop the pills can't hear a thing

gatting faded's the only way

to go through life

to stay liked

to seem all cool

to seem just fine

put on a smile

wear long sleeves

can't run a mile

can't seem to sleep

a million bottles every day

this must be the only way


don't shower everyday but it's all fine

Axe body spray he thinks it smells nice

used Honda sitting in the driveway

going to fast down the highway


to mean to talk to the girl that he likes

to nice to be the one to call her a dyke

looks around every time he cusses

goes to church only for confession


they never seem to notice his arms

his skin's to light to show the scars

sububan boys always treated like toys

suburban boys but it isn't a choice

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