Take Some Time Off For Yourself

Friday, January 31

By Anushka Rastogi

The grind doesn’t really end and we end up getting ground up. The stress of juggling everything can overwhelm us and sometimes we forget that we are not robots. We are not meant to keep working without taking breaks. We are not meant to live by the rule ‘you can rest when you’re dead’. True, we have to work as hard as we can to transform our dreams into reality but doesn’t mean we can’t hit the ‘snooze’ button once in a while. Sometimes, it becomes important to stop and smell the flowers instead of rushing through the garden to get to work. Sometimes, we need a break to catch up with ourselves. Taking a break doesn’t mean we are being lazy, it means, we acknowledge that we need a little time for ourselves. From time to time, we must understand that our bodies and minds need a little respite and time away from chaos. 

How we choose to take a break depends on us and each one of us has different methods. Here are a few ‘go-to’ ways you can go for when you need time for yourself: 

  1. Depends on if you’re a tv show/movie/book/music kind of person, but really pick something of your choice and give your undivided attention to that. Be it a show, really watch it and immerse yourself in that for the time you’re giving to that show. Focus on what’s going in that show and really watch it. 

  2. It’s an old trick from the book but going on walks can do wonders. Even if you don’t have your walking shoes, wear your comfortable shoes and just go out for a walk. Listen to the sounds, witness what’s happening around you and for the time being, try to forget everything but focus on your feet striding across the ground. 

  3. Some of us like to write and for those of us, we can choose to write in our journals or even write letters. You don’t need perfect grammar or punctuation. You just need something to write with and something to write on. 

  4. Let’s not forget that dancing can be therapeutic and so for those of you who love grooving to music, close those blinds and put on loud music. Let that music really hit your ears and body, and let the music guide your moves. Let the music take you in its embrace and dance like none is watching. You don’t need rhythm, you just need to get up and dance to the songs that you vibe with. 

  5. Comfort food is underrated because the right kind of food can heal your soul and let you travel to another world altogether (it depends on the cuisine you go for). Go for a meal with yourself, or your loved one, or your favourite people. Go for a hearty meal and for the time being, really soak in those flavors. Personally, I go for ice cream because it just calms me down and chocolate ice cream is always my go-to flavor. 

  6. Have you ever tried aromatic candles, flowers, soothing lights, and complete solitude? Well, that’s one of the most effective cocktails and it doesn’t really cost much. 

  7. Some of us want to engage in activities that get our heartbeats racing. So sports for some of us! Find a sport you want to try or just play and go for it!

These are just some of the ways I could come up with and each one of us has a different way of unloading. As long as we realise that it’s okay to take breathers, we are good to go!

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