The 5 Steps To Success

Saturday, June 12

By Alyesha Chauhan

The 5 Steps To Success 

Are you looking to improve yourself and your current lifestyle? 

There is a certain routine followed by some of your favourite role models/ influencers that help to boost them to success ensuring they maintain a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Right now, you may be looking for some tips and tricks to help you gain motivation, to stop procrastination or you may be looking to improve your wellbeing and to change your current routine. If so, this is the article for you.  

1 - Waking Up Early 

By waking up between 5 am - 9 am you’re instantly giving yourself more time to be productive, do work in the mornings and fit everything you need to do into the space of a day. Instead of waking up later, and rushing to fit everything into a day, a person who would wake up earlier will be able to take their time to process and learn information effectively while maintaining excellent time management. 

2 - Surrounding yourself with positive people who support you. 

By surrounding yourself with a strong support system you are more likely to believe in yourself and you will be more motivated to pursue your goals. Whereas, surrounding yourself with people who do not support you, have the same ambition /mindset as you are more likely to make you  “ stay put “ instead of growing as an individual. 

3 - Taking Breaks

By taking breaks from time to time whether it’s from social media/work or in general. Giving yourself time away is important so stress levels are reduced and you do not find yourself feeling constantly overwhelmed. Physically and mentally the brain needs time to recover and relax and the end of a project. 

4 - Challenging yourself to do better.

By setting yourself goals even if they seem unrealistic it shows that you’re constantly raising your standards. In addition to this every time you set a goal and achieve it, your goals are likely to become higher and higher as time progresses. If you challenge yourself you a more likely to go further in your career path because you will have gained knowledge from the previous goals you have achieved. 

5- Exercising 

When working/striving to become successful it is important to not overwork yourself. It is easy to become stressed in the journey to becoming successful but studies have found the exercising is known to improve an individual's mental well-being. By exercising means that you have a chance to be distracted from academic stress, get better sleep and it may help improve concentration skills.

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