The Astrology of Gilmore Girls

Tuesday, October 05

By Andi Christie

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Like many others, I'm sure, who've had nothing better to do but watch Netflix over the past few months, I have fallen down the 'Gilmore Girls' hole. Whilst binging the show I had a great idea - why don't I write an article about what I think some of my favourite character's big threes (Sun, Moon and Rising) are? So that, my friends, is exactly what I am going to do for you all today.


1. Lorelai Gilmore:

Sun: Taurus: Lorelai was born on the 25th of April, making her a Taurus. She is loyal, family oriented, stubborn and greatly enjoys food - all the traits of a typical Taurus!

Moon: Leo: When it comes to emotions, Lorelai is fiercely loyal and passionate. She is idealistic and fiery. However, she also has a tendency to be overdramatic and too proud/stubborn for her own good. This is why I think she is a Leo moon.

Rising: Sagittarius: Fun, outgoing, friendly, talkative and social, Lorelai fits all the signs of a Sagittarius rising. Most people instantly like her and she is a bit of a social butterfly. She is independent and makes sure that others know this.

2. Rory Gilmore:

Sun: Libra: Rory was born on the 8th of October, making her a Libra. Rory is very obviously a Libra - kind, friendly, fair and well liked by all. She has a reputation for being the "nice" girl. However, she can also be too much of a people pleaser and can play the victim a lot (no offense, Libras).

Moon: Libra: This was hard! I settled for a Libra moon. Rory is very driven by love and relationships (as well as school). She is a people pleaser when it comes to others as she doesn't want to hurt their feelings. This often means that she keeps her true feelings secret. However, what she doesn't realise is that hiding things from others many hurt them more in the long run. Libra moons can be very flirty and also often have too much love to give, meaning that sometimes they will fall in love with others whilst still in a relationship (...).

Rising: Cancer: Caring, nurturing and family oriented, Rory seems like a true Cancer rising. She is there for all her friends when they need her, and often goes out of her way to take care of others. She also places great importance on relationships, especially family.


3. Luke Danes:

Sun: Scorpio: Luke is the ultimate Scorpio. Reserved, not hugely talkative and loyal, Luke fits the description of a Scorpio perfectly. It takes him a while to open up to others but once he does, he can form intense, close bonds with others and remains extremely loyal (Lorelai for example). He hides his emotions a lot but has a sensitive side to him. He can be stubborn and secretive too.

Moon: Taurus: Luke appreciates good food, stability and comfort in his life. He is loyal and there for his friends. However, he can be stubborn to a fault and when it comes to dealing with other people's emotions he can sometimes be a bit too blunt and not understanding.

Rising: Aries: Blunt, a little bit confrontational and moody, Luke is like an aries rising. He has the ability to make friends and can sometimes be charming and funny, but his almost permanent scowl just screams Aries rising.

4. Dean Forester:

Sun: Aries: Dean is by far an Aries. He is fierecly loyal, funny and cares deeply about those he loves. However, he has a quick temper and is easily angered. He can also be quite blunt and sarcastic when annoyed.

Moon: Scorpio: Scorpio moons are fiercely loyal and passionate - to the point where it becomes a little bit scary. Dean's emotions are pretty intense and he can go from 0-100 very quickly. He can be quite posessive of those he cares about (did someone say Rory?) and can easily feel threatened/paranoid.

Rising: Libra: Dean appears to others as kind, charming, nice and respectful - sort of a "boy next door" type of guy. He is romantic and caring, but can also play the victim when he feels like he isn't recieving enough attention from those he loves.

5. Jess Mariano:

Sun: Scorpio: Like uncle, like nephew! Jess is reserved, not much of a people person, not very talkative and can be quite secretive. He is quite an intense character and appears to seem quite mysterious to others.

Moon: Aquarius: Jess is not particularly big on emotions and can seem quite detached. He also often runs away from his own emotional problems.

Rising: Scorpio: When people first meet Jess, they think he is intense, troubled, mysterious and reserved.

6. Christopher Hayden:

Sun: Gemini: Christopher is a social butterfly. He is witty, charming, intelligent and talkative. Most people that meet him like him. However, he can be a little bit flightly and can play the victim when it comes to things that are his fault. Major Gemini vibes!

Moon: Sagittarius: Despite being passionate and having the ability to be loyal, Christopher struggles with emotional commitments and tends to run from his problems, getting angry if he is challenged.

Rising: Libra: Almost everyone who meets Christopher is charmed by him. He is flirty, witty, nice and knows how to make others feel comfortable around him.

So, there are my takes! Sorry to all the air signs who I may have offended - I love you all!


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