The Biggest Snubs Of The Grammys

Thursday, March 11

By A

I dont like the Grammys. I think there are a lot of people that also think the same. Personally, my dislike for them started when they flew Mac Millers entire family over after his death knowing that he wasn't going to win. More recently, Zayn Malik spoke out on twitter about his own dislike for the Grammys saying that, "Unless you shake hands and send gifts, there's no nomination consideration", and I don't disagree with him. The people who were nominated for certain catagories didn't not deserve to be nominated, but there were artists who deserved to be there more. I'm going to talk about the biggest snubs of this year, in my opinion. 


BTS are the only artists at the minute who can say they have global success and not be lying about it. Today, it was announced that they had 3 albums on the Global Album Sales chart, the first act since Michael Jackson to do this. They took #1, #2 and #8 on the chart with  2 Korean albums and a Japanese album. Map Of The Soul 7 being the one to reach #1, was expected by many to recieve a Grammy nomination this year, but did not. Personally I do think that not nominating this album was the biggest snub of the year. The album took inspiration from Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung and featured songs that took inspiration from different genres  like pop, R&B, and hip-hop and incorporates rock, trap and EDM influences in its beats and production. It deserved a nomination. Their song Black Swan, which was about the first death of a dancer being when they stop dancing, should also have been nominated. BTS deserved more than one nomination when they are the biggest act in the world right now and are keeping award shows like the Grammys mainstream and relevant. BTS bring viewers like no other artist can and the Grammys know that. While BTS' success globally is only growing every day and the Grammys are slowly loosing relevance, who actually needs who?

Snubs: Map Of The Soul 7, Black Swan 

The Weekend

Abel also enjoyed massive success this year, with his song Blinding Lights which was the best selling song of the year and After Hours which took #2 on IFPI's Global Album Sales Chart (all formats). He announced yesterday that he will no longer be asking his label to submit music for the Grammys after they snubbed him this year. While like I said, BTS had the biggest snub in terms of album of the year, I think that Abel was definetely the most snubbed artist of this year. His song Blinding lights deserved at the very least one nomination as did his album After Hours. Hes had one of his biggest years to date, like BTS, and yet not a sinlge nomination while BTS did at least get to enjoy their firt nomination. 

Snubs: After Hours, Blinding Lights

Honestly it should come as no surprise that the Grammys continue to snub poc with their nominations, especially in the pop genre. Nominating BTS' only english song ever, not nominating The Weekend at all and I'm sure they were not the only snubs, just the biggest this year in my opinion. I hope that this award show continues to lose credit as the years go on, so that people will stop using not having a Grammy as a way to discredit artists who probably deserved to be nominated/win over the ones who did.


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