The Danger Of Falling In Love (A Poem)

Monday, February 01

By Niamh Donnelly

In the confines of our bedroom,

he was sweet.

Never did he lay a hand on me unless it was

to hold me.

Love was a word uttered so quietly in the early

morning and late night,

and he meant it everytime.

I had never seen such a kind hearted being in

all my life.


I couldn't imagine how different he was

when we were apart.

He held me tenderly and rocked me to sleep in

our bed but

I had only lived in our little world,

dancing around the kitchen with him and

listening to him read to me.

But when I saw his true nature

I could not look away.


As if his eyes leaked blood,

His face is almost entirely covered

from his own wounds and the blood of others.

I should be scared.

I should be absolutely terrified,

But all I see are his eyes staring into my soul,

asking me to love him despite it all,

And I say yes.

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