The Dangers Of Rape Culture

Sunday, July 05

By Marlo Mulligan

art by: @femaleinspring

Rape culture is defined as a social construct that normalizes and tolerates rape and behaviors associated with rape. Normalizing this construct is dangerous to all women and constantly puts them in danger. Rape culture is not okay and never will be. Knowing the commonalities of rape culture will help to protect women and to prevent them from being in dangerous situations.

A few examples of rape culture are:

• Slut Shaming
• Victim Blaming
• Rape Jokes
• Cat Calling
• Sexual Harrassment 
• "Boys Will Be Boys"
• Not Respecting The Word No
• Degrading Women In Any Way
• Teaching Women To Cover Up And To Do Things To Avoid Being Raped Instead Of Teaching A Man To Respect Women At All Times 
• Staying Silent In Situations Involving Rape/Sexual Harrassment

It is extremely important to understand rape culture and as a society to do our part in dismantling it. Women shouldn't be afraid of walking alone in the dark or being alone. Women shouldn't have to dress a certain way to avoid being sexually harassed or raped. Women shouldn't have to feel pressured into not saying no. Women shouldn't have to be degraded by anyone for not saying yes.
Women are not objects. Women should be respected and treated equally and fairly always. Not knowing the system can put a women in danger. Not educating yourself about the system can put a women in danger. Not respecting the system can put a women in danger. Educate yourself and others. Speak up. Do better. No means no. Know the system. Dismantle it.

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