The Holidays Are Upon Us Once Again

Friday, November 22

By Daniel R.

November and December, the two months out of the twelve where it's about joy. Because these two months are the representation of joy and happiness, it’s hard to imagine it being anything but that. Some people can’t enjoy it like others though. It’s hard to enjoy the upcoming holidays when it has to be spent without loved ones you have lost. You could have lost someone early in the year or just yesterday, it still makes the holidays hard to endure. 

Last year I had lost my grandmother a week into November, my family had to spend the holidays missing her, we spent it grieving and a year later it will still hurt to spend them with the knowledge of knowing she’s not here anymore. This year, not too long ago, my grandfather passed away. Another year of holidays being spent knowing a loved one’s not here. I didn’t know him well but that doesn’t make it hurt any less. He was my mom’s father and knowing she’ll be hurting because of it, will make it difficult to enjoy the holidays.

People go through deaths all the time and I never thought losing a loved one would be like this. I never thought I wouldn’t want to celebrate the holidays because it doesn’t feel right to do so with loved ones gone. It will hurt but because of the recent loss it lets the rest of us, family, you haven’t seen in years or haven’t met at all, realize that life is too short to not meet up for the holidays and make memories before it’s too late. It also hurts to know that it takes the death of a family member to make you realize that but it makes you realize that some stuff that has you feuding with one another isn’t worth it in the long run. 

The holidays will always be hard to celebrate now, but with that being said, I know I can’t let it trap me in a stage of sadness because there are still younger kids in the family who look forward to holidays like these two coming up. Thanksgiving, for the food that will be made, and Christmas for the presents they’ll get. Though a lot of us will be hurting, it will still be nice to see the kids enjoy the holidays and make memories out of it. 

Putting the sad part aside, I have always liked this time of year. The cold weather allows you to have hot chocolate all the time. It’s officially sweater weather, you get to bundle up in blankets and maybe even with someone. It also gives you an excuse to pig out and eat a bunch of sweets. There’s special editions to any kind of snack, drink, food that reminds you how much people take the holidays so seriously. 

The holidays do get a little hectic, more so when it gets closer to Christmas, but it is still a good month all around. My favorite thing about this time has to be the weather but the movies that they show are a close second. There are a lot of great holiday movies out there and it’s always great to introduce the kids to some classic movies that very quickly become traditional to watch every year around the same time.

As you get older, the holidays aren’t that fun anymore, for me at least. It is nice to see how much your younger family members enjoy their time. It’s nice to see how excited they get by something as simple as decorating cookies. While the kids enjoy those kinds of things, I’d be enjoying my time watching football games. Though I don’t enjoy the same things I did when I was younger, during the holidays, I do still enjoy them, sometimes for completely different reasons, but the point still stands. 

I do hope the holidays this year are great all around even if it there will be grieving. The year hasn’t been easy but it’s the time of the year where joy is the main factor and there’s no getting away from that. There will be no scrooge in me this year, as I try to enjoy the holidays with family I haven’t been able to see over the holidays in quite some time. I’ll be hoping for good memories to be made, and wish the same for you.

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