The Internet Lies.

Saturday, May 29

By Niamh Donnelly

At the surface,

the internet lies about appearances.

it tells us we must have a skinny body

on the border of malnourishment

to be happy.

We have to obsess over every calorie,

every second spent exercising 

to feel confident.

But the internet lies.

I am truly happy with the stomach rolls

i love to squish and poke.

I am truly happy when I nourish my body with

foods that make me smile.

As I dive deeper,

I find the internet lies 

about more than this.

it shows us a community of like-minded individuals 

who are accepting, loving and help you 

to love yourself as you are.

it seems that homophobia, sizeism, racism and all the other 'sims' have disappeared.

it seems that we have finally reached our utopia of peace 

but the internet lies.

when I take a step outside

i find myself running back as

they attack me.

they hound me for being different.

they shout and kick and scream at me.

"You do not belong here."

"Your kind aren't welcome."

"You're confused."

the internet lies to us

but it is better than what is outside.

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