The Plan

Friday, October 01

By Lisa Porter

As the city lights faded away, so did the hope that I would be back

The wallet had revealed nothing as it was turned inside and out

Save for a penny, it was as empty as could be

Yes, I had a plan

A good one

But it would take months for it to go in motion

And more months after that to wait out the fall out

The Fall Out

The name it deserved

Because that is exactly what is was going to be

The butterflies in the pit of my stomach awake from their slumber and start to flutter

Everytime I thought about this, the feeling of ecstasy was not far behind

A shriek of a horn brings me back to present day

And the rain streaked window offers a distorted view

This was my reality now

Distorted views and jumbled words

Goodbye my lover  I mouth to the umbrella clad man dodging a puddle

Or was he my enemy? I thought, turning my head to look back at the humans I was leaving behind

Who could tell who from whom anymore, everyone looked the same

The car shuddered to a stop and I unclicked my seatbelt and thanked the kind driver

I  hope he had a nice house to go home to after this

Maybe a pretty wife with some dinner ready for him

Hopefully he didn't have a home like mine

Hopefully he didn't have a mind like mine

An urge like mine

Bless him if he did

Because there was only one way out

And it was never pretty

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