The Price Of Pride

Tuesday, May 11

By Lane Bashline

Underneath the rug of capitalism lies the dirty secret that is rainbow capitalism. Rainbow capitalism, pink capitalism and homocapitalism are slowly taking away bricks on the road that was paved by trans women of colour for the new generations of the LGBTQIA+ community while simultaneously hurting everyone that's negatively affected by capitalism. Rainbow capitalism fall under the umbrella of capitalism and is a much broader topic, but its definition is "the incorporation of the LGBT movement, sexual diversity, and pinkwashing to capitalism, consumerism, gentrification, and the market economy, viewed especially in a critical lens as this incorporation pertains to the LGBT community"

The gentrification and whitewashing of the LGBTQIA+ community are killing off the history of hundreds of queer people of color, using rainbows and bright colors to minimize the pain and suffering that gay and trans people go through every day. TV shows and companies sell the idea of a "Gay person" as white men. Well, news flash. Not all members of the LGBTQIA+ community are being represented when you throw in a half baked gay guy. Throwing in a last minute backgroud character who is rooted in gay stereotypes to checkboxes and whose only defining personality trait  is being the only gay character paints a picture that gay people are one dimensional which is not true. it also is erasing the work that people of color did for the gay community. Trans women of color specifically are, in my opinion and most others, the cornerstone for this community and having them not well represented in media erases their importance to people who might not be very well educated. Women like Marsha P. Johnson risked their lives at stonewall to get respect for our community. In turn, instead of respecting and praising her and other women. Hollywood has painted a picture of gay people as white men who base in steryotypes. 

Other companies like Target aren't selling a character, but a product, which is contributing to capitalism and not to people who need money. This year a collection about pronouns rolled out just in time for pride, the shirts have every pronoun you can think of. The shirt is made by fast fashion, sold in capitalism and not actually helpful unless someone goes by all pronouns. Overall the design is confusing and hurtful to the community. Many small companies donate the small amounts of money they make directly to companies like the trevor project. This not only contributes to the development of LGBTQIA+ teens but supports small business'.

Overall, rainbow capitalism is slowly tearing away at the history of the gay community, but there are things you can do to help. here's a list of companys you can donate to, that will directly impact queer poc and queer teens. Even small donations make a difference in spreading LGBTQIA+ history.


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