Why Frozen 2 Falls Behind Expectations

Friday, November 29

By Sonja Shirkevich


It’s no surprise that the long awaited Disney movie, Frozen 2, sits at the top of the Box Office since it’s opening premiere on November 22, 2019. 

However, I think it’s safe to say that while Frozen 2 is a beautiful movie that deserves its high praise, there are some inconsistencies that cause it to fall behind its equally acclaimed predecessor. 

One good thing I will say about Frozen 2 are the stunning visuals. Every year Disney gets better and better at their craft. The animation is smooth and consistent throughout the film, and it provides a sense of ambiance and whimsical nature to the movie. I did not have the pleasure of watching Frozen 2 in 3D, but even on its own the animation fills the room similar to how adding 3D effects would. 

However, I cannot believe I sat through an hour and 43 minutes of complete plot garbage. The structure of the movie is very jumpy and skittish, showing one scene, and moving on to a completely different and sometimes irrelevant plot point. The characterization of some main characters also changed completely, which I simply can’t agree with.

For example, Olaf’s new characterization as confused and unsure of what the future holds in store for him because he is older was completely unnecessary and deterred from his original purpose as comedic relief. In fact, every time Olaf opened his mouth, I felt older by the minute. I was confused as to what purpose he served to the movie as a serious comedian. His jokes were lackluster, and I felt attacked when he sang “And you all look a little bit older” in the opening song, “Some Things Never Change”. Disney, all I’m saying is that there was no need to make me feel like an sad old bum watching a children’s film. 

Regarding characterization, somehow Kristoff also felt off in this movie. In Frozen he was seen as a determined guy who was ready to do anything for Anna. However, Frozen 2 portrays him as the complete opposite. Unsure of how he is going to ask for Anna’s hand in marriage, Kristoff spends the entire movie fumbling about and screwing up his marriage proposals. Jeez dude, it’s like you never ran across a frozen fjord for your girl. 

Don’t even get me started on the plot. The movie opens with plot points that were never explained, or even alluded to in Frozen. There’s other kingdoms besides Arendelle? Wow! I had no idea! Thank goodness that was mentioned in the first movie otherwise I’d be so confused watching Frozen 2! That’s what I’d like to say, however, that was not the case. This idea was great for the sole purpose of Frozen 2, but it just felt too far removed from the first film for my liking.

Another problem with the plot is I can’t remember most of it after watching the movie. Frozen was such a memorable film I’m sure I could recite it in its entirety if I tried. Frozen 2’s plot just doesn’t hold up to that substance, unfortunately. The important parts only come at the end of the film, with Elsa’s self realization of her purpose in life. This part of the movie was particularly powerful, and was actually done wonderfully. It was my favorite moment in the film. It also ties in gracefully to Anna’s character arc towards the end, which I appreciated. Throughout the film she seemed as if she was holding Elsa back. But through her solo, “The Next Right Thing”, she realizes she needs to take matters into her own hands in order to save her sister.

“Next Right Thing” from Frozen 2

The ending also showcased an interesting parallel to the first movie’s ending that I thought truly conveyed Frozen’s overall theme of familial love being the strongest bond a person has. But for a film with little to no substance, this was probably a point that blew over most children’s heads. 

The animation was great, maybe even the best part, but it cannot be better than the plot itself. That is the major flaw with Frozen 2. While I enjoyed the whimsical nature of the film, as well as it’s ending, the rest of the film does not add up. I think its safe to say, therefore, that like all movies that have sequels, Frozen is still a far better film than Frozen 2. 


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