The Resilience Series: Introducing Resilience

Wednesday, November 17

By Basiiraa

Resilience has been defined as the ability to recover from shocks and disaster within a system, the ability to withstand and overcome. Resilience is built into the DNA of people and people have passed that down to places. In this series we explore the importance of resilience and how to become more resilient to change and unplanned events. 

Over the past 2 years, the pandemic has changed the way we live and experience life, in university application processes I have seen "do not use COVID-19 in your college application essay" and have wondered how do we ignore a life-changing event and focus on other less impactful events to create the basis of our character. Resilient people have come out from the crevices of a wide spread deadly disease and have offered their experiences to better the people who are less affected. It is our story, we should be able to tell it. During these months of psychological malfunction we have lost family members, loved ones, friends and people we knew of, during that immense perpetuation of loss we are expected to function in workplaces, attend exams and tests, be healthy, fit and fine. 

Resilience presents itself in all aspects of our existence, to improve us as people and to initiate our actions into improving the places we occupy. A resilient place/space has the ability to absorb shocks such as a sudden disease outbreak and contain it within the space it orginates, the resilient spaces would have healthcare capacity and disease research to be able to understand the virus and birth the solution in record time, instead we are offered a vaccination mechanism requiring booster shots and human response to the effects of uncontrolled disease outbreak. 

Systems, whether urban or any other are intended to be equipped with a rapid response that is implemented through forces of government and proves effective in its agenda. Governments have proven that accumulated funds cannot compensate for lives lost, health risks ignored and the ongoing rise of capitalism and associated pressures. This series intends to unpack resilience and educate on how to improve our individual capacity to maintain sustainable lifestyles. 

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