The Roller Coaster Ride of TikTok

Saturday, May 09

By Solomon Berry

While we've all been quarantined in our homes for months on end, many people have invested a lot of their new free time into an app most of you might have heard of, TikTok. For some of them, it has just been a way to absent-mindedly whittle away hours at a time watching random videos, while others started making videos themselves. Regardless of how you use the app, however, everyone who does always gets a wild ride. From watching incredibly cute videos of puppies and even funnier videos of people doing crazy stuff, to somehow creating a viral video of your own, TikTok isn’t quite like any other social media app out there.

Now before I go any further, I must confess that I am thoroughly addicted to TikTok, so feel free to follow me @solomonberry. After downloading it on day 8 of quarantine, I had a video go viral and get over 300 thousand views, so ever since I have been making video after video to try to reclaim my moment of fame. After twenty more videos and hours of times spent making them, I still haven’t come anywhere close to that level of success again, and I probably never will again. What’s especially frustrating is when you have a great idea, make and post the video, and it ends up getting less views and attention than a video of someone throwing a brick into a pile of dirt. The finicky nature of the app both tantalizes and frustrates, and that is what keeps so many coming back for more.

Once quarantine ends, my addiction to TikTok will probably slowly fade away as my available time sharply decreases, but the thrill of knowing hundreds of thousands of people watched something that I created will always stick with me. It made such a mark on me that I started learning how to edit videos and buying apps just so that I could make cooler TikToks, even though I knew they probably weren't going to blow up like the first one did. But what I realized as I started questioning all my life choices, was that if there was ever a time to waste hours on end making silly videos, quarantine is that time. Instead of laying in bed for literally 24 hours straight watching Netflix movies, I got out of bed and spent time working on my own. So for everyone out there who is on TikTok, that’s cool, and for everyone who’s still in their beds watching Netflix, welp I guess that’s cool too.

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