The Staples of Quarantine Fashion

Sunday, May 10

By Sophie Byrne

Quarantine: the perfect time to update our looks and better ourselves for the fateful day the doors reopen. 

But what are we doing? 

Catching bugs to sell to pay off a home loan on a cutesy life simulator. My jeans probably think I'm dead; my shoes are coated with dust and (dare I even think) inhabited by spiders. 

The walls of the house that once watched me strut around red-carpet ready now witness me stumble sluggishly in Pusheen slippers and mismatched pyjamas. From Gucci to Prada and Prada to nada. Anyone that once slayed the streets in name brands now slays hoodies and leggings at home. My cute skirts, dresses, and jumpers are sure to turn to dust once the light touches them once again. In the same manner, I'll probably hiss at the sunlight and return to a dark corner somewhere, clutching my trusty yoga pants.

I can't help but think about the models of the world parading down the runway in jogging bottoms and fluffy socks that probably don't match. Their hair a glorious mess, hastily tied back so that it won't fall in their face when they go to binge New Girl later. A makeupless face with unplucked brows and hands with unpainted nails and feet with unpainted toes. 

Yet, I hear of people who use the extra time to hone their skills, and groom themselves to look glitz and glam for when the world returns to normal. Those who actually take time out of their aimless day to pluck their eyebrows and actually pick out a coordinating outfit. When socialising is no longer distanced, you'll be able to distinguish the two types of people before you could say 'good to see you'. 

It's important not to feel bad if you haven't worked on yourself during this time. There are the exceptions of the incredibly lionhearted key workers and those who just don't care about looks and fashion sense. Self improvement isn't essential work. It's a choice and - for some - a hobby. Quarantine fashion is not too dissimilar to every day fashion. Both are whatever you make them out to be and always exhibit your personality. 

There will be a day when things are normal again and your routines return to the way they used to be. You'll put away your leggings with a soft, grateful smile and leave the house in the jumpsuit you bought during the online shopping spree a few weeks back. You'll feel slightly more human and less of a fashionable hermit crab. The staples of quarantine will only be left for rainy days, just as they once were.

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