The toxicity in romanticizing LGBTQ+ relationships - please stop

Tuesday, June 01

By Ana Lucía León

¿Why are so many straight girls saying it would be "a lot easier" if they liked girls?

As a heterosexual teenage girl, I can't really speak on behalf of the LGBTQ+ community, but I do know that comments like: "I would be so much happier if I was gay", or "My problems would be gone if I liked girls" are harming the perception straight people have when we see an LGBTQ+ relationship. 

I think these comments come from a very uneducated place in a girl's mind. People don't seem to realize the power of words, and how ideas might change people's perceptions of reality. So, let me set the record straight: men in a gay relationship, and women in a lesbian relationship (and anyone that lies within that spectrum) are just as likely to suffer from an unhealthy situation, just as much as a heterosexual couple might.

Let's not forget the strength it takes to be part of the LGBTQ+ community, even in today's world. Not everyone is as open minded as we think they are, and I think these types of comments are undermining this fight in some way. Regardless if it's intentional or not, these very comments act as if being gay is easy, as if there aren't still barriers that we, as a society, must tear down in order for everyone to be accepted just the way we are.

I think it's our obligation as a society to remove these comments from our vocabulary, and to educate ourselves. Let's stop referring to each other as different, and comparing ourselves based on ludicrous things such as our ethnicity, religion, skin color or sexual orientation. And most importantly, let's think before we speak, so that when we do, we say things that matter (or at least, things that makes sense).

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