The Toxicity Of Cancel Culture

Monday, July 20

By Marlo Mulligan

image via: Wall Street Journal

Cancel Culture is defined as online shaming an individual for past or present actions that they have done or have taken part in that society disapproves of.
Cancel culture is one of the many trends popular among Gen Z. Everyone uses the slang term to refer to people such as celebrities, political figures, or even peers.
Although cancel culture has been previously effective, it has since turned into a toxic way to spread hate. These are a few of the ways that cancel culture has become toxic:

Cancel Culture Doesn't Educate
Cancel culture effectively lets an individual know that they have made a mistake, but has failed to explain to the individual why what they did is wrong. Educating individuals on their actions causes them to see insight into their mistskes and be able to not make them in the future.

Cancel Culture Encourages Hate
Cancel culture also encourages and condones hate towards individuals. Cancel culture does this by causing and allowing some viewers to send violent messages and harassment to show their anger towards an individual. This solves nothing at all and instead causes the individual harm for actions that they possibly don't even support anymore. Cancel culture completely disregards an individuals feelings this way.

Cancel Culture Discourages Change
Cancel culture doesn't accept apologies from individuals, therefore not giving them an opportunity to change. Cancel culture completely puts an individual in a negative light for actions that they may want to take accountability for and move on from.

Cancel Culture Brings Out The Past
Come on. We've all done something in our lives that we know that the whole world wouldn't approve of. So imagine being famous and having your whole past leaked and feeling like everyone will hate you forever because of it. Imagine having your family see it, your friends, people you work with, and so on. Cancel culture digs into someone's past for actions that they've done years ago, and has caused shame to people when they have continuously apologized for their actions.

Cancel Culture Can Ruin Lives
Lastly, cancel culture has the power to ruin an individual forever. An individual can easily learn from their mistakes, as tiny as some of them may be, and still be affected by them. The internet lasts forever. Meaning if that individual wants to apply for a job, college, etc, they may not be able to qualify/receive acceptance because of mistakes that they made years, maybe even a decade ago.

Cancel culture is toxic and needs to seriously be altered. This needs to happen to be able to effectively educate individuals on their mistakes in a safe way where they won't be affected by them. We are all human beings that make mistakes that we can learn and grow from. If we were all famous, then we would all be cancelled. Cancel culture should not exist, but if it has to, its goal should always be to educate, never to cancel.

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