The Yemen Crisis; Ever heard of it?

Saturday, June 20

By Ariana Noghreh

Yemen has been suffering greatly in silence while the black lives movement has been taking the world by storm. We should not let one success blind us from other issues. It's sad that all these families and children are suffering and starving AND being affected by the COVID-19, yet this issue gets no coverage.

It's unfathomable how most issues that take place in the Middle East get no coverage yet America's news becomes EVERYONE'S news, no matter where or who they are. And I'm not just talking about racism. There are hundreds of shootings in America each year and everyone around the world is informed about each single shooting, with each victim. What about the other countries? America can't be the only country that has to deal with these issues, but somehow, when looking at all news outlets, it is.

Yet... There are wars in Syria and Afghanistan. People have lost their homes, children have lost their futures, but none of that gets any coverage unless "The Western World" is involved, i.e. when troops are deployed in those countries. Yemen has already been suffering for years. They have no food and have succumbed to eating leaves. They have no water and there are tons of videos of children, women, and men already too thin, running after water trucks for just one sip. And with COVID-19 striking the country, many are saying that Yemen will be COMPLETELY wiped out. Yet there's still little-to-no coverage on social media or other mediums like newspapers and the TV. This is not right and I hope that you agree too.

I'm glad that the BLM movement is actually getting somewhere and justice is being served, but we shouldn't only focus on that. Surely we can give the same priority we gave to the BLM movement to the Yemen Crisis, can we not? At least we can try to spread the word about it, right? I am aware that there are other issues around the world, but we have to start somewhere, so why not start with Yemen? Why not try and have a part in saving those children's lives? Why not take care of those parents' health so that they could, in turn, finally be able to take care of their children?

Let me hit you up with the facts: 80% of the country (24 million people) need humanitarian assitance. 18 million lack access to clean water. 2 million children are malnourished. And EVERY 10 minutes, a child dies from hunger.

Yemen has to deal with famine, the pandemic, and war at the same time. They have been in crisis mode for the past 100 years, and now a pandemic has been added to the mix. This has been noted as the LARGEST humanitarian crisis by UNICEF, yet no one knows anything about it because of the lack of coverage.

This website has all the information you need about understanding and helping the people of Yemen.
Even if you can't donate, spread the word. Make everyone aware. This entire nation is suffering in silence and you can help.

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