Some shows you absolutely can't miss!

Friday, February 19

By Océane Grassiano

I'm a big fan of series. I watch 3/4 of them at a time.

And today I decided to make a list of very interesting but not very popular series.

So here is my top 6 

And I start with series available on Netflix!

- Dark (Science fiction thriller) The missing of a child sows mystery throughout the city, and increasingly strange facts will push three generations to understand what's going on.

- Ozark (Crime drama) A man associated with his friend finds himself mixed up in a dirty business following his friend's scam on a very dangerous client.

- Dare me (Teen drama) A new coach for the cheerleaders, however Beth immediately hates this one and feels that something is wrong with her.

- Spinning out (Drama) It's the story of a skater who will have to deal with her bipolarity and family problems, while coinciding with her passion, skating.

- WestWorld (this one is not on Netflix) (Science Fiction Western, dystopian) This is the story of an attraction park, where there are intelligent robots represented as humans. Humans go there to fulfill their most immoral desires, however, not everything is going to happen as planned.

- Bates Motel (this one is famous but not as famous as it should be) (psychological horror drama) It is the story of a mother who moves away after the tragic death of her husband, together with her son. They buy a hotel, and from that moment on, tragic events will occur. Mother and son now share heavy secrets.

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