These Six Hilarious Costumes Will Honestly Leave You Scared

Thursday, October 10

By Andrea Nolen

It's Halloween season! YAY! If you live anywhere like I do, it's still 80 degrees out and humid. Needless to say, the weather is totally killing my vibe. However, I stumbled upon these Halloween costumes that are so absurd, they're sure to scare you into the spooky mood of Halloween. So relax! I get that you aren't totally feeling the season yet, but your friends at Consonancie have got your back.

1) Sea Unicorn

Just in case a unicorn wasn't cool enough for you, we've found the perfect costume for its cousin that lives under the sea. Spoil alert: it isn't Sponge Bob. It's a Narwhal! Or a guy wiggling across the floor with a horn on his head. Either way, I appreciate the creativity.

Narwal, Pinterest.

2) The Smurfs Named Kyle, Chad, and Bryce

Look, I get it. This is a little too much. Don't blame me though! Blame the guys who orchestrated this nightmare. I'm so sorry if you can't sleep tonight. Smurfs are supposed to be small and sweet, not frat guys painted in blue with their mother's bath towels wrapped around their heads. But if I had to see it, so did you.

3) Type 58008 Into Your Calculator and Turn It Upside Down

You heard me right! BOOBS. These two probably planned this costume out for months and I honestly respect it. So, the award for the biggest breasts in the world goes to *drum roll* these dudes!

4) Is This Bad Parenting?

Listen, man. The picture says it all.

5) Homer Simpson... I Think??

Okay, I'm just gonna say it. This takes the cake for the best "WTF" Halloween costume. All this guy needs is a pink donut topped with sprinkles and a side-kick to dress up as Marge. I'd be excited to see what they'd use to recreate her iconic blue hair.

6) Just Stop It

Alright, I might have saved the funniest for last. I mean, the last one was definitely my favorite, but this one is the whole reason this article came to be. This is the one that had me staring at a wall for a solid five minutes with my mouth wide open. I don't think you're ready for it.

Well, on the bright side, pink is definitely this girl's color.

Anyways, we hope these have helped you get a little more into the Halloween spirit. Which one scared you the most?

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