Things I'm Most Excited for Once Quarantine is Over!

Thursday, May 28

By Emma Nichols

I know how rough quarantine has been as it has really taken a toll on the majority of people's mental health, including myself. I have come to the conclusion that the best way to get through these boring and seemingly never ending days is to focus on the positives. We need to remember that this will not last forever and life will go on so I want to discuss some of the things I am most excited for once quarantine is over!

Heading to the beach

The beach is a place of relaxation and pure happiness. My absolute favorite summer activity is packing up a towel and my sunglasses, jumping into the car with my friends, and driving straight to the beach on a sunny day. I always like to top off a perfect beach day by getting icecream at my favorite place, Marvel, and then sitting in a circle with my friends as we try not to let our icecream melt. Beach days are by far the best days of summer, especially when you are able to surround yourself with friends and loved ones.

Going out with friends

This is a super general one because I'm not only excited about going to parties with my friends, but I am simply excited to just be able to hang out closer than 6 feet apart! I never realized how difficult and upsetting it is to distance yourself from your friends physically. Being home and away from my college friends has definitely taken a toll on my mental health. I rely on all my friends for so much and not being in their presence has been super tough. While we have Zoom hangout sessions and virtual plans, it's just not ideal. We really do take simple things for granted. I never knew how much I would miss hanging out with my girls after a boring class on a Tuesday afternoon. I am counting down the seconds until parties and social events are acceptable again!

Being able to eat at a restaurant

Okay this one is definitely the most taken for granted. The simple luxury of eating out at a restaurant with family or friends is so special! Of course, eating at home is good too and while I definitely do not go out to eat everyday, I miss having the option. There is just a certain freedom that comes with being able to eat out that our society does not currently have because of corona virus. Ever since the beginning of quarantine, my eyes have really opened to all of the normal activities in our lives that we forget to appreciate and eating out is definitely one of them.  


This is a summer classic and one of my favorites. Gathering around a firepit in someones backyard on a warm summer night is one of the best things about summer in my opinion. I just love roasting marshmallows, making s'mores, gossiping with friends, and taking in the nice summer breeze. Something about bonfires is so comforting and could definitely put a smile on anyones face. Thinking about the bonfires my friends and I will be having once quarantine is over makes me really happy and reminds me that nothing lasts forever, including quarantine. 

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