This One Handy Trick Will Fix Your Relationship!

Wednesday, May 27

By Rebekah Crinean

Clickbaity title? Check. Popular area of discussion? Check. Actual answer?


Do you ever find yourself searching for quick answers for all of your relationship problems? Of course you do. Who doesn’t occasionally go online to seek the advice of perfect strangers? Welcome to the 21st century – this is how we roll.

Nine times out of ten your research will go one of two ways; either you will be offered some kind of quick answer that doesn’t work, or you will be told that there are no easy ways to deal with this sort of thing. In fairness, the latter is almost always right, even in this era of fast food, fashion, and fixes. In terms of relationships, romantic or not, nothing beats just putting in the time and effort. No amount of grand gestures, proposals, kids or presents is going to save your relationship.

So what one handy trick is there that could possibly fix every relationship you have?


(Yes, I know this is a bit cliché, but bear with me).

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The ability to have a functioning relationship is predicated on the ability to have open and honest discussions about anything and everything. I often hear people talking about issues in their relationship and so many of them could be sorted with a conversation or two.

It isn’t always quite that simple. Communication links up neatly with other fundamental relationship pillars like trust, care and compatibility. However, communication is, arguably, the biggest teller in a relationship. It is the difference between the talking phase, the early dating phase and the settled phase. For this instance, let’s take romantic relationships. Think about your partner. Can you talk to them completely openly? Can you discuss anything that may come up? Bodily functions, illness, finances, religion, careers, future plans? Life can be rough and at the end of the day, surely you want to come home to someone you can be entirely yourself around.

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In the modern world, dating has become a tangled nightmare to navigate and there’s no guidebook. Texting leaves us open to misinterpretation on many levels. Social media often advocates people (particularly women) to ‘test’ their partner: texting them flirty messages from a different phone number, checking their phone while they sleep, leaving a certain amount of time after they’ve texted you to text back. It’s petty, it gets you nowhere and frankly, it’s just exhausting. If you’re looking for comfort and stability in something long-term, then turn to this one handy trick. Talk to them. Open up a dialogue and see what comes of it. And keep in that mind that sometimes, ‘fixing’ a relationship might mean walking away from someone who isn’t right for you. And that’s okay! Be strong, and remember that you’ll find your person soon.

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