This Year I Was Strong; Next Year I Will Be Happy

Saturday, December 28

By Laura Stevanović

I will be honest: changing is most certainly not bad thing that can happen to anyone. This years events are the ones making it possible for me to be a ray of sunshine once again. This year, a lot went down, all of which I handled diffrently than I would've done now. The year turned around and I returned to my original sassy self and I hope that the year coming to us will continue as December has begun.

This is what I think of the past year:

There were things that I can't change because they're already in the past and the only thing I can still affect is the future so that is what I plan to do. I plan to make myself happy and proud because most of the last year was just a continuation of events that made me dissapointed in myself, the worst thing a person can do to themsevles. After all, at the end of everything, it doesn't matter how many people you have gone to coffee with or how many fights have you gone through, because if you know you have done right yourself, then you really know that even if something happend or even ended you should be happy because you finally have a chance to move on with your life. That is the principle that I anticipate to live by the year coming towards me.

Often this year, I wondered what would it be like if something wasn't as it is, but in reality it doesn't even matter because I have evolved and the comfort bubble will remain just for me and I will never let it down for others because it's never worth it no matter the reason because soon enough, that reason will be gone and all that is left is a bitter taste in your mouth

So here is a few mistakes i have done this year:

- going out of comfort zone for other people

- holding my feelings inside because of the stupid excuse that i don't 'have time for this'

- agreeing to things that i knew that i'm not comfortable with, but doing them anyways because of the person that was asking me to

- ruining my sleeping schedule and skin because of people that shouldn't have that kind of pull on my feelings and stress me out that much

And that's why I'm saying that 2019 was not trash year because I have grown back into my skin and I am not letting go of that because I have strong opinions that I will hang on to no matter what other people do and that is why I have a chance to be happy once again

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