Three cocktails you absolutely have to make at home

Thursday, July 22

By Cerys McAdam

I hate all those unnecessarily long introductions to recipes where you find out about their grandmother and some ancient heirloom so you can have the recipes straight away from me.

 (all serve about 2 but that depends on how big your glass is and how much of a hangover you want tomorrow):


1. Mango monster mash

ingredients you will need: vodka, malibu, monster mango loco, lemonade

- 50ml vodka

- 50ml malibu

- 500ml monster mango loco

- splash of lemonade

basically chuck in a 500ml can of mango monster, then malibu and vodka (ratio should be alcohol 1:5 mango). Splash some lemonade and ice in there and you are good to go.


2. Pornstar martini 

ingredients you will need: vanillia vodka, passoa, lime juice, sugar syrup, prosecco, passion fruit, ice

2 passion fruit (ripe, halved)

60ml vanilla vodka

30ml passoa

1 tbsp lime juice 

1 tbsp sugar syrup

prosecco, to serve

basically chuck vanilla vodka in a jug, chuck half the amount of passoa in and then put 1 tbsp each of lime juice and sugar syrup. Serve with prosecco after chucking ice in it and passion fruit on top.


3. Sex on the beach

ingredients you will need: vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice, orange juice, ice (optional), lime/ limeade (optional)

- 75ml vodka

- 75ml peach schnapps

- 200ml of cranberry juice

- 100ml of orange juice

- splash of lime/ limeade (optional)

basically you just throw vodka and peach schnapps into a jug (little more vodka than schnapps). Then, however much of that you put in, you put double the amount of orange juice in it or the same as the vodka depending on how strong you want it and then add a little more cranberry juice than you did orange juice. You can add lime/ limonade to it as well if you want but only a splash. And, of course, ice. 



Enjoy and drink responsibly.


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