Three Totally AWESOME Secrets To Acing Your Finals

Saturday, December 07

By Sophia Isabella

As a high school student, I'm constantly engulfed in a world where only one thing typically controls my time: school. With the stress of constant essays, worksheets, and homework, the last thing I want to worry about is finals. To all of the high school students that are just like me, fear no longer. I have the best tips to help you ace your finals! 

Tip One: Make a Drink That Will Boost Your Memory Retention       

By mixing these items you will have a drink that increases memory retention immensly:

1/2 Cup of Grape Juice 

 3 Sprigs of Rosemary                                                                                                    

3 Mint Leaves                               

Ice cubes 

Tip Two: Study out Loud and Write Down Important Information

Reading out loud improves one's memory by enhancing visual memory, which makes information easier to recall during exams. In addition, you are three times more likely to remember information that your write down. So, make sure to write down important information while studying!   

Tip Three: Find a Familiar Scent 

Scent is the most powerful sense when it comes to jogging your memory. Try sniffing mint or gum when you are studying, as you can carry these items easily during a test or final. 

With these simple and convenient study tips, you are guaranteed to ace your finals! Good luck and happy studying, students!

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