TikTok And Its Illusion

Wednesday, June 09

By Sophie Maria Kibinian

TikTok was the most downloaded app in 2020…. installed 63 million times in August alone. We’re literally addicted to the app, we follow trends, creators, unlock new celebrity crushes, go through monthly phases… But once we are off the app… who are we really?

One major thing that I noticed when I started going out again was, the illusion and the “world” that TikTok has created, it is all a huge lie. We tend to forget that people only show their polished and desired version of their lives. TikTok isn’t the real world.

The people, the comments, the negativity, the thoughts that you encounter online are all just a huge lie. Sure, it’s really easy to hide behind a screen and pretend to be “open” and “accepting” and just spread information around, but are you the same person in real life?

People seem mean and aggressive online if you spread misinformation or use the wrong words, and they make you feel like you just committed a crime! When in reality, people aren’t that mean, people aren’t that aggressive, and mistakes are literally normal…  

Once you start going out again, you realize how refreshing it is to get off the app, being in an environment that is unlike TikTok. Last week, I spent a whole day with friends (rare these days), I came home at night, and didn’t even feel the need to open TikTok, I realized how useless and fake the app is.

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