Tiktok V. The Traditional Music Industry

Monday, February 01

By Lane Bashline

Tiktok has given a voice to teenagers and independent artists who want to show their work to others. It has brought social media back to a more basic time. Teenagers can be less formal and more themselves with people they don't necessarily want to deal with and talk to every day. Creators on the app can do anything from acting, dancing, singing, or visual art. Another aspect of the app is music. Teenagers have begun to use it as a place to publish, perform and promote their music. 

This is something that I believe will change the music industry completely. We're not in an age where we have things like MTV to find new music and most of Gen-z doesn't have the attention span to search through music on Youtube. Tiktok is the perfect platform to find new music. There aren't any overhyped artists who eventually stopped making music after gaining a large fanbase and their more connection to a user's artists of choice.

Tiktok has also shed light to songs and bands from the early 2000’s such as Mother Mother and Paramore. Depending on your for-you page, you've most likely heard songs like Hayloft, Verbatim, Burning Pile or Still Into You. You don't get the same effect with older bands that you find on TikTok as the bands that are being discovered through TikTok. Yet still, you are connected to people who are also just hearing these bands' music and can relate to you. People were even able to create a musical with real broadway actors. That shows how it a platform that is flexible to the youth and adults alike.

One downside to this media creativity is that some people are using it as a networking cash grab. While some artists are writing good music, others are gaining an audience and then releasing music that is… less than extraordinary. Not to be negative but there are some people that got fame and thought that they could sing because they had a following, even though that is very much not true. Still, even though some of the songs are not very good, we still get memes and jokes that people can joke about with their friends, both in-person and offline, so it is still connecting people even if the music is not Ariana Grande.

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