Top 5 reasons you should celebrate Halloween!

Monday, October 14

By Louise Owen

Halloween is known to be a childish celebration, but believe me that is completely far from the truth! This celebration should be for everybody, regardless of age, as im 17, i'm pretty sure people won't give me sweets because ‘i'm too old’ and ‘you should be studying, not being childish - grow up’. I’m so sick of hearing that, and I'm sure you are too. Us lot at Consonancie have your back! So, here are the top 10 reasons that you should celebrate it anyway! 

Free Sweets!
For most people, this can be the best part of this celebration! Of course we all want free sweets, who would ever pass up that opportunity? People seem to frown upon teenagers for going trick-or-treating, but they don’t realise how special this celebration can be for us! It can mean family time, time with friends, or a breath of fresh air! Try it out, and if people complain then just give them the facts! 

Dress Up! 
The last time I remember dressing up was when I was about 9, gosh it was fun! I could dress up as whatever, whenever. But nowadays we need an excuse - what better excuse is there then Halloween? Dress up as whatever you want! And you don’t have to be embarrassed because nobody will see who you are, plus it’s guaranteed they’ll dress up too! So go for it, go all out! Design at outfit at home, or buy one online. Become anything or anybody you want to be! 

Halloween Parties!  
Halloween parties are one of the best! There’s music, memes, your close friends - of course it will be amazing! Many people don’t start Halloween parties, but why don’t you start? Bring over a close group of friends and have a Halloween sleepover with snacks, costumes and scary films! Or have a full blown house party with the best Halloween decorations and dance all night! I’m sure Consonancie will love to join too!

Family time! 
In the mix of secondary school, studying, hanging out with friends, jobs, homework, college - things can be pretty hectic. So, now is the time to spend it with your family! You don’t need to worry about work or school, just breathe and have a movie night with your family! Spend the time baking some Halloween cakes and cupcakes, decorate the house, get into pjs and have a good day! Halloween is about you and your family - so make sure you have a good time and make the most of it! 

Nobody expects anything from you! 
 Asking around my friends about what they love about Halloween, a very popular reason was that nobody expects anything off of you. Christmas is where you have to buy gifts for people - but Halloween? You just get to chill and get free sweets for yourself! Share your sweets with your family and friends or just hide it and keep it to yourself…. Totally not telling you to kidnap sweets from your family…

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