Top 5 ways to battle winter blues!

Friday, November 01

By Louise Owen

Winter is rapidly approaching, halloween has ended and Christmas is just around the corner! Everybody is super excited for Christmas, but honestly its hard to function in this cold weather. It's so hard getting out of bed, and the need to call In sick is strong… But I can give you 5 great reasons for battling through winter with a smile on your face! 

Seasonal Drinks! 

Not everybody loves seasonal drinks, but they're amazing to try! They warm you up and get you outside! Its definitely something worth waking up for. Arrange to meet with your friends or go out with family, maybe even go on a date!

I recently went to Costa, and I tried the gingerbread hot chocolate! It was the cutest thing and i really do wish that I tried it sooner, it's adorable! 9/10! Its one off a 10 because I drank it way too quickly…

Different Events!

In winter, there are so many events taking place that are honestly my favourite overall. Halloween, Bonfire night, Christmas! And usually there are parties being thrown left right and centre! And Christmas shopping always starts early, plus there are so many things to buy like glow sticks. Yesterday, I couldn't help but buy a pack of glow sticks and glow balloons - they are honestly the best to exist of course. So, whilst going on a dark halloween walk you ckd definitely see me a mile away,with my glow sticks, glow balloons and pumpkin headband… I swear im almost 18.

Blankets and Slippers!

Summer is the time of sweating, being constantly messy and the worst part is not being able to wear hoodies and jumpers. Now we can finally wear as many hoodies and jumpers we like to stay warm, which honestly truly is the best part of winter to me. Slippers are also the best, snuggled by a heater with a hot chocolate or coffee in your hands - who would pass up such a perfect opportunity like this? It 100% isn't going to be me. So get cosy and snuggled, you deserve to relax. Everybody has been working so hard, so sit back and do your best to relax and live your life. Remember, life is short!

You can take time for yourself!

Many people see this time as relaxing and getting ready for the year ahead. Things are going to be busy, new routines and new memories are waiting for us to live them. So, this is the prime time to breathe and take time to care for yourself, to live your life and do what you wanna do.

You really do deserve it! Consider a new hobby, maybe spend your time indoors or outdoors! Get people over, or go and see your friends. Try your best not to procrastinate, get things out of the way when you get the task! It gives you less stress in the long run! 

Ways to spend your time!

The best ways to relax during this time are to:

  • Read a book, maybe even try out a new genre! 

  • Meet up with friends or family, go and grab a coffee and catch up!

  • Get into a new hobby, maybe even photography or writing! Try making new coffees, start drawing or maybe get into knitting! 

  • Watch movies! I'm lucky, as a media student i get to watch movies for research! I highly recommend watching a good comedy or a winter romance! There's an adorable witchy programme on Netflix called The good witch, i would 100% check that out if possible! 

  • Bake! Baking is an amazing way to spend your time, it teaches you a new skill and tastes amazing! 

  • Gaming! Games are amazing to play in winter to relax and get cuddled with. Try a relaxing phone game like Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, or even a more eventful game like Call of Duty or some Life Sims that people really seem to be enjoying lately. 


Overall, to battle winter blues you've got to try your best to put yourself first. It'll be Hard, but push yourself safely and take that step.

Once again, Consonancie are here to support you through our words! 


Have an amazing winter! 💙


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