Universal Human Rights in the Globalized World

Saturday, February 22

By Hafsa Ahmed

         There is a famous saying, “Live and let live”, which exquisitely delineates the meaning of human rights. Rights of human beings came into existence immediately after the creation of the first man and that was that man is superior to all the living species of that time and God ordered all the species to obey Him without questioning. Even the leader of the species was thrown out for not obeying the human being, showing the significance of the human being; therefore, no human being has a right to dislodge any human being from this basic right. God created man and gave him a sense of awareness, sense to know that there is a Higher Power that controls the entire universe and the human power is not in any way equivalent to that Higher Power. Therefore, no human has any right to overpower another human. Humanity is something that is gifted to the human species by God Himself; it is the reason why we humans have been given the title of Ashraf-ul-Makhlooq. We can feel, understand, and experience emotions that are not experienced or felt by other living species. These empathetic feelings are what make us the ultimate creatures of superiority in comparison to every other species. Which is why we are taught to be humble and not take immense pride in knowing our supremacy. Despite being educated or uneducated, humans end up suppressing other humans for reasons that are quite shocking. Killing for religious differences, killing for power, wealth, position etc. Robbing rights on the basis of caste, creed, race, gender, privileged and underprivileged, bourgeoisies exploiting the labor of proletariats, boss exploiting his employee’s diligence and so on. Worse cases of abusing the rights of others are taking lives of innocents for being born in a certain place or gender. Although coming from the same biological class, human minds have a very bewildering way of working when it comes to another human. After centuries of living in the same condition, going through various levels of development, learning from their ancestors’ errors, from being at beginner level of hunting and surviving, to reaching the highest level of science and technology, humans still end up being the savages the early humans used to be in the matter of humanity.

               Rights are the most basic necessity granted to a human and it is through humanity that these rights have an impact to make the world a better place to live. A place where no one lives in the fear of having their rights snatched away from them. When humanity dies, a human becomes capable of destructing the property of another human. Even though we have reached the era of globalization, transforming the world into a small village, exploring the universe, searching for aliens and another alternate place to live but we are still lacking in giving equal rights, respect to the people who are not aliens and make the world livable for billions of individuals and thousands of communities. It is high time that humans halt the activities for grabbing power and wealth over humanity and doing unfathomable acts to achieve them. Human rights should be practiced more and more in the globalization era, everyone should breathe freely and contentedly. Though the masterminded people who run the majority living under their reign claim that the rights are being fulfilled, they are unable to silence the echoes of millions suffering around due to their greed, unable to hush them and hide their filthy work to get to the position they are in under the rug to show that everything is perfect. So, on Human Rights Day, pledge to fight for those who are in distress due to the insatiability of their governors, to free those who are Prisoner of Conscience and imprisoned for reasons unknown, who are torn away from families and sent to horrible places, who are murdered for honor, political, religious reasons, who are starving to death while their leaders are gluttonies, who are suffering from wars because their leaders want to be hero and grab the resources of week nations. Humanity first and not everything is fair in love and war. The canon of might is right fit for jungle but not for civilized world. Nobody should be allowed to die before death.

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