Ways to Get Jobs When You Have No Experience

Sunday, August 16

By Ariana Noghreh

If you have been searching for job applications (or will be in the future), you'll see that even entry-level jobs and internships ask the impossible; for instance, they want someone that has just graduated from uni, has 3-5 years of related work experience, and needs to be proficient in a billion applications and have countless skills. To sum it up, it's a losing situation when you need a job to get experience, but need experience to get that job. That's why it's up to you to start learning and doing things on the side. (I never said it was fair!)

There are a lot of resources online for you to learn on so I'm here to list as many as I can and toss in a few tips in the end. You've probably heard about Skillshare; it's a website that features professionals that teach you skills like photography, video editing, and more for a certain price a month. But Skillshare's not the only website out there. FutureLearn and Coursera teach you topics and skills, though you may have to pay for the certificates of some of those courses. Even LinkedIn has a special site for teaching skills and you can get the first month free. 

If you're thinking of learning skills related to digital marketing or using Google's business features, you can check out Google Garage. You can learn anything and everything about using Google for businesses and many job-recruiters require that the applicants should be knowledgeable in Google Analytics. Not only this, but the entire course is free and you can get a free certificate once you're finished!

If you want to learn how to code, you can check out SoloLearn, which is totally free and you get a free certificate once you're done too. Code Academy and Udemy are other resources for learning how to code, but you'll have to pay for those.

Now that you have some resources, it's time to know where you can put those skills to use and have some experience to add to your resume. You're in luck though, because there are a billion ways to get experience and you can even get paid! The best way to do that is to let people know you're good at something. People may not even know you are right for something because they don't know what skills you have. The next important thing is to ask your social circles, be it your family members, friends, or even school/uni. Maybe they can help you if they're recruiting, or maybe they know a person who needs someone with your skillset. If that doesn't work, search around in your area for companies and non-profit organizations. Maybe you can find internships or apprenticeships at the companies and you can volunteer at the nonprofit organizations. The current COVID situation has changed our ways so there are tons of remote positions available too!

You can even apply for websites like Fiverr and Freelancer and Upwork. This way you'll be making some side money with your skillset and can add those projects to your resume. But be warned that these websites can be quite competitive as a lot of people are using them to try and make money, so patience is a virtue.

If "worst comes to worst", use your skills on your own personal projects and make a little portfolio (if your skills need one). This isn't as bad as it sounds because a lot of companies love it when people have side projects for show because it shows that they aren't one-dimensional and used their knowledge in areas of their interest. 

And a lot of you may be thinking "Yeah, these are just facts that you threw at us, but that doesn't mean that they'll work". Well, I'm you're living, breathing example. I've always been good at art so I decided to start an art account on Instagram @Arnillus. Running the page meant that I had to learn about marketing to increase my success for the page and to understand how things work. I posted stuff and not only was I improving because I was practicing a lot, but on the side, I offered illustration services on websites like Fiverr and Freelancer and got some great gigs. Later on,  I caught the attention of 2 separate companies from my Instagram, one of which was run by an old highschool teacher of mine. She asked me to make posts for them and even though I was into illustrations, I used my art knowledge and design skills when it came to creating posts for them. I kept learning and improving more and more and had more experiences thanks to my connections.

Yes, I was immensely lucky, but you do have to put yourself out there and say you're available for work in order to be noticed. Once you do that, the pressure decreases and it gets slightly easier for you in the long run. So don't give up and take matters into your own hands because you can.

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