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Monday, February 15

By Lisa Porter

The genre of true crime has gained in popularity over the years and today, there are so many podcasts, shows, movies and stories that focus on some of the most bizarre cases of all that it is difficult to keep track.   It’s hard to do something different when almost every category of true crime has been done 

However, three siblings are going to try.

Enter Crime Family. A true crime podcast that strictly focuses on crimes committed against family members by family members. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of these heartbreaking cases, so these podcasters have lots of material to work with.  Crime Family, which is set to launch March 3 on all streaming platforms, has already recorded 3 episodes, with the first episode focusing on a huge well known truly bizarre and baffling rabbit hole of a story that is sure to grab your attention.   

AJ Porter, one of the creators of the podcast, was happy to take a few minutes out of his day to answer some questions I had about this latest endeavor into the enticement that is true crime.

So, what can you tell me about Crime Family?

As you can probably tell from the name, Crime family is a new true crime podcast by my two sisters and I. We've always loved true crime documentaries and we all started talking about our favorite true crime podcasts. Then we thought "why not just start our own?". So that's how it all sort of began and we're excited for folks to listen to it! 

Has this been something you have always wanted to do?

For me, the idea of starting a podcast has been in my mind for a couple of years. But, I never really knew what topic I wanted to focus on or who my co-host should be. A couple of friends and I have started the process a few times but it just never actually materialized in the end. So when my sister suggested we do a true crime one, I was all in! 

What kind of preparation does it take to record an episode each week?

Currently, we have recorded three episodes- with plans to have at least five or six in the can before we release. This way we can see what's working and what isn't as well as iron out any kinks, change up our hosting style or make any small changes prior to actually releasing. We will be taking turns "hosting" the episodes, so while all three of us are technically the hosts, one of us will be telling the true crime story and guiding the listeners through the case each week. The one hosting that week will choose and research it all and the other two try to know as little about it as possible so we can listen to the details for the first time when we record. It's a lot of work between researching, recording, sometimes re-recording and editing, but we love it so far. 

What kind of stories are you going to focus on?

We're unique because we will only be focusing on true crime stories that involve people who kill or harm their families/loved ones. Not the most uplifting stories, but because we are three siblings and the title is "Crime Family", we wanted to focus on these types of cases and discuss what makes someone do something like that to the ones they love the most. 

What are some of your favorite true crime podcasts?

I really enjoy Crime Junkie- they are great storytellers. Also, I was hooked on the Serial podcast (like most of the world) as well as "Undisclosed", both of which focused on the same case in their first seasons. I definitely recommend them if you're a fan of true crime.

Mark your calendars folks, and get ready for some deep diving into some of the most dark, intense and deranged families you have ever heard of. Also, be sure to follow Crime Family on instagram @crimefamilypodcast and on twitter @crimefamilypod1

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