What You Can Do While Social Distancing

Sunday, March 29

By Anushka Rastogi

For some reason, 2020 didn’t get the memo of “going good” and has refused to go smoothly so here we are. Four months in and we are in a situation that none of us expected to be in. We're stuck having had to take measures we never imagined we would be taking. 

Social distancing. We know that to stop the rise of COVID-19 cases, we are trying to keep our distance by isolating ourselves in our houses. To play our part during these difficult times, we have resorted to self isolation in our homes, and we should continue doing so until the situation improves. 

Well, social distancing can be hard on us and here are a few things you can do while you’re practicing social distancing. 

1. Annoy your family members

If you have your family members around you, take this time to seriously annoy them. Use new and innovative methods to get on their nerves and show them that there’s devious ways you can come up with. Have fun with your family members and remind them that you can annoy them. 

2. Spend time with your pets and play games with them

Your pets must be confused as they’re not used to having you around all the time. Now, there’s a possibility that sometimes they want you out of their hair but for the most part, they’re going to want to play with you.  Find new indoor games and activities to do with them. If you have fish, you’re going to have to resort to creative alternatives like teaching them water tricks (please only water tricks). Have fun with your pets!

3. Try cooking!

Now that you have more time on your hands, you can go experiment in your kitchen with new recipes. I’m sure you’re all better cooks than I am, because this is how my cooking goes: try to cook, fail miserably, march up to room in anger and witness falling of tears, march back to kitchen to look for food, eat more than required and work towards goal of becoming hippo. But on the bright side, I am sure you’ll all do better than I am doing. 

4. Get back to the hobbies you couldn't get to because you didn't have enough time

If your hobbies involve going outside, traveling to crowded spaces and meeting other people, you’re going to have to find new hobbies. Indoor hobbies are much appreciated and while you’re at home, make the most of your time and spend more time exploring your hobbies. 

5. Catch up with your mental health

We’re all rushed and we are stressed with all that’s going on. Now that we have to spend time indoors, this can be taxing on a lot of us and so there’s greater need to work on our mental health. Find ways which fit your needs and it can look like meditation, listening to music or even journaling. Be mindful of the ways you choose to work on your mental wellbeing. 

6. Bake!

Baking is a great hobby to take up because then you can spend time preparing and the end result can be fluffy, baked goods like bread and cake. There’s endless options for you to bake and most of them will give out pleasant results. There’s recipes you can try until you’ve exhausted all your love for baked goods so you can always try baking. Also, you can share baked goods with the people you’re quarantined with. Baked goods will make everyone happy so honestly it’s a huge win-win. 

7. Blast music and let everyone know what good music taste you have!

Don’t be ashamed of liking the music you do and introduce the rest of the people you’re cooped up with, to the playlists you have. They have nowhere to go so they’ll have to listen. 

8. It's the perfect time to form the perfect routine

Get in bed, put on Netflix or a streaming site of your choice, binge watch, binge eat, a blanket should be present for comfort, ignore the thoughts of productivity and truly immerse yourself in the show or movie you’re watching. 


Jokes apart, this is a rough time for all of us and we have to do our best to keep calm and sane. Do what works for you and try not to think of this as being imprisoned. Try to think of it as Earth’s way of resetting and you can use this time to reset as well!

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