What is life?

Friday, July 03

By Laura Stevanović

This article is completely directed into the debate of life itself, because no matter how much we plan and try to navigate, somehow it always goes differently. That's okay, though, because that's how it should it should be. We die as we are born - bald and without teeth. But all jokes aside, I hope that you take those few minutes of break to read this and maybe change your point of view ♡

1) What does life even consist of?

Considering the fact that life is just a product of different time periods, I would say that we go through three that define as the most as a person:

1. Childhood, the time that usually holds the happiest memories and is probably the only one where we are completley careless (or at least that's how's supposed to be in normal circumstances)

2. Teen life, the period where it is acceptable to lose yourself and explore life and everything that it offers as long as you know your way back to the roots of yourself.

3. Adult life, this one doesn't come for everyone at the same time, but everyone experiences the pressure of getting to know yourself and your own limits of of accomplishing your goals without having to feel bad for not always being successful in the eyes of society.

2.) How to deal with the fact that we can't control life?

Control what you can: You should enjoy the simple life choices as where you will sit on the bus, what will you eat, plan your day a bit, and stop for a minute to just breathe and observe.

Try and just give in to the wave that is coming at you: I understand we all often forget that we are still living and moving, but it's important that we remind ourselves that if we give up control every once in a while, the world will keep moving.

3.) What are the things that affect how we look at life?

1. The experience

We often forget that we are only human and yes, the sad truth is that what we experience in the past has a really big impact on how we think and live now. But what was bad in the past does not make the future equal to it so we should always keep our heads open to the unknown.

2. Sometimes the problem is in us and how flexible are we

Our appearence is different in every situation, but the only way to actually not fail at everything and to experience things is to not close your eyes and run away, and to open your mouth and go against it. Nothing is coming to you on a silver platter and as long as you will be waiting for things to happen, the world will keep passing the opportunities that you won't even see because of the little circle that you live in.

3. How did people interpret life when we were growing up

That's a big one, but not life determing because you have your own brain that is expanding its knowledge with everything you read and everything you hear, talk, and think about. But yes, the truth is that a lot people that grew up with surroudings that didn't allow them to explore are a bit scared and closed in because that imprinted in their mind as the life they're meant to be living. That's not true, however, life is to be lived and explored and can't be wasted by being sad and pushing it into the sadness and oblivion of wasted potential that could be showed to the world.

4. How do people look at life now

Friends and family are the ones we usually ask for advice, so it is reasonable that we kind of mock their way of thinking and their way of looking at the world and the problems it holds. But does that mean we have to agree with them? Are we not good enough because our life is not going by the expectations of society? Is it wrong to not be the same as everyone that is the same age as you? Is it a waste of time doing things differently or doing things that people you know would never do?

The answer to all of this is hell no, you should always do you and what makes you happy. As long as you're not hurting anybody, you should do things for you and yourself only because no one will live your life for you. As long as we'll keep on living life by the opinion and directions of others we'll always be limited by their potential and not our own.

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