What To Do When Every Day Feels The Same

Wednesday, February 24

By Maryam Uddin

The most productive person I know is my past self.

Okay, I'll admit; that's an exaggeration.

But I remember waking up at seven every morning (weekends were a different story), working non-stop throughout the day, and somehow still having time for extracurricular activites. Yes, I'm your typical overachiever, and even if that's a lie, I still had a lot of stamina and energy left at the end of the day. I usually had a maintained schedule like many, but each day seemed like an oppurtunity to try something new, whether that was having a movie marathon or learning Irish because I was bored.

However, that was before COVID, and now, I consider waking up a minute before that 10:30 meeting a miracle. My screen time is higher than ever and I’m straining my eyes. You’d think I’d stop and take a break, but now my education relies on technology.

I don't remember being like this before, and honestly, it's a little alarming. But aside from my back aching when I wake up, my whol life seems like the plot of Happy Death Day (of course, without the murderer). Every day feels the same and I'm gradually losing motivation to do simple tasks.

Education and work are now accessible online, and it's portraying how technological advancements are making such things more convenient. However, it makes us more dependable on technology and takes away our motivation to do simple things like buying the groceries.

While considering the situation from a global aspect, the current pandemic is not the only crisis we’re in. There’s also a mental health crisis that many people are not aware of. Keeping the economic recession in mind, 53 % of adults in the United States reported that their mental health has been negatively impacted due to the worry and stress over the coronavirus. The average share of adults reporting symptoms of anxiety and depressive disorder after and during the pandemic is continously increasing.

 We can't celebrate things as we usually would or find things to look forward to. It's making every single day feel the same. 

It's time to answer the big question; how do we solve this dillema and find a way to make each day a little more exciting?

Don't think of this quarintine and pandamic as the end of the road. This is simply an obstacle that we need to overcome. While it may seem impossible, there are many ways to acheive it, but here are the four easiset ways to spice up your life (or atleast less bland) that you can try today.

1. Maintain a schedule.

I'm not here to call you out, but waking up at 12:00 am to scroll through Instagram is probably why you feel so restless and irritated throughout the day. Maintaining an organized scedule gives us clarity and helps provide us motivation. Yes, schedules are very uncertain and almost never stay consistent, but nevertheless, it gives us a sense of determination to get those pending tasks done (even if all you're doing is staying at home).

Maintaining a scedule helps increase your productivity and provide you with realistic goals – that can include a goal as simple as walking your dog.

3. Practice your hobbies.

Last week, I ordered a violin from Amazon (Note: I've never played a violin before). And even though violins are considered one of the hardest instruments to play, I still ordered one for the sake of having another hobby. Now, I'm not urging you to get a violin, but creativity can make a huge difference. I believe that every person has a hidden talent, and since we're all at home, I don't think we can ever have a better oppurtunity to explore those talents and experiment with our skills. 

Graphic designing. Baking apple fritters. Painting. Writing. These are just a few examples of hobbies that you can practice today

They allows us to destress while remaining mentally productive – it's exactly what we need.

3. Don't forget to practice self-care!

Lots of people believe that self-care is not needed since we're mostly staying at home. That's not true. With the overwhelming and continous stress factors in our lives, it's importants to be productive, but relax at the end of the day. It gives us a break from our regular routines.

The definition of self-care varies from person to person. Self-care can be considered facetiming your friends, working out and even practicing good hygeine.

3. Welcome a positive mindset (and don't let your productivity define you)!

Think of everyday as a new oppurtunity to become a better version of yourself, and while it may be challenging, look for the positive things in your life. Even if that 8:00 am meeting is stressing you out, keep in mind that your mental health should be your first priority. My view on life changed very negatively in the past few months. I was beggining to define my self-worth based on my productivity, but I realized that wasn't the right way to live my life.

This may seem like one of those quirky quotes on Twitter, but sometimes the most productive you can do is rest.

Whether it's ordering a violin from Amazon or taking a quick nap, you can enhance your life and significantly improve your mental health. You can solve this mental health crisis by starting with yourself! These fours simple changes can become a source of motivation and improve your overall lifestyle.

Remeber, your mental health is important and you desrve to destress!

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