What to watch on Netflix (Thriller edition) - PART 1

Tuesday, April 21

By Anushka Rastogi

I am seriously obsessed with thrillers and that’s my confession for today. I love nail-biting thrillers that keep me hooked to my bed for hours and hours. I love the rush when I am invested in a show that has riveting turns and twists. During this pandemic, most of us are stuck and bored out of our minds but again, we have Netflix. As a fanatic of the thriller genre, I have a few things that I can guarantee will shake you up and will not fail the name of the ‘thriller’ genre. 

Marianne (originally french but has language and subtitles options) 

I struck gold when I found this show because OH MY GOD! This show is deserving of praise and not once did it let me down. I remember finishing this show in mere hours, not even days, that’s how engrossed I was. The show’s pace is noteworthy and doesn’t give you time to even think that you’re bored. Every episode is well-connected and the storyline is tight so there’s barely any space for you to zone out. The characters are well-thought out and the cast does justice to the characters. There are light-hearted moments as well to give you respite from the adrenaline-jerking moments. There are times you will truly have to clutch your heart so be ready. 

Marianne (TV series) - Wikipedia

Erased (originally manga but has language and subtitles options) 

Adapted from a manga, this show is truly underrated. The episode starts off with a bang as the main character is shown to have a unique superpower and I’m here for that. The storyline was truly unpredictable and every episode brought with it a new twist. The episodes are packed with thrill and so every minute, I had to sit with my breath bated. Also, I love how there are some characters which grow over the time of the show. Some characters really do grow over the span of the show which strikes a chord as we see them from the start to the end. The show is a unique show but will definitely keep you riveted from the start as the plot is well developed and there are no such plot holes. Also, beware there’s a serial killer on the loose. 

Erased: Season 1 - Rotten Tomatoes

The Haunting of the Hill House (originally english but has language and subtitles options) 

The show is now touted as one of the top horror series on Netflix and I can’t help but agree. Season 1 is compact and each episode has something going for it. The storyline keeps switching from the present to the past so needs your complete focus. The series has some really good twists that keep you wondering. There will be terrifying moments and more than jump scares, it’s the overall mood created by the series that will scare you. This is one of the few horror shows that are short but manage to deliver a superb watch for horror lovers. 

Black (originally korean but has subtitles options) 

This korean show has it all and I am definitely not exaggerating. The series managed to make me cry, laugh, gasp and shook me to the core. This show is definitely one of my favourites because of the way it kept me engaged from the start. There’s a lot going on with the show as this is a horror show outwardly but in fact, combines elements of supernatural, drama, thriller, romance and a bit of comedy. This show has thrilling moments that shook me to very core and the after effect of this show really took me by surprise. The romance in this show is heart-wrenching and one of the few that made me very emotional. It’s a taxing show overall because of all that’s going on. 

Black (TV series) - Wikipedia

Here are a few of the thrillers you can watch on Netflix and I will be back with a Part 2 for this edition. Hope you guys are staying safe during quarantine and hope you’re doing well! Staying home can be boring but with the right pick of activities and of course, right Netflix material to watch, I am sure we will all do just fine. 

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