What Was Once

Thursday, April 08

By Lane Bashline

She smells like orange blossoms 

Like vanilla baked cake

dancing in a meadow with freshly wet grass

Her mind filled with stories

mystic magic like honey-sweet glass

As a shine of smile runs down her face

As she runs in the meadow of green

As she runs through my mind

Her story runs through hers 

her smile runs too fast

As it fades away

Seeing feels so distant 

coming home to a new family 

living In your childhood house 

painting over your door frame

Where your height once was

It's gone

Long lost

The smell of vanilla fades

she smells like failure

relinquishing her rights to care

Making herself nonexistent in every world

The girl I once loved

A shadow of herself

Fading into the damp ground

Coming closer to the breaking point

Grabbing at every last string

Until her mom grabs my hands

Pulling me above the water

Screaming and shaking, to wake up

Baby its mom

Wake up

Get up

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