When Any Relationship is Toxic, You Should Get Out Of It

Monday, April 13

By Laura Stevanović

This ranges from any type of relationship: relationships between partners, friends, and even family members. We tend to overlook certains aspects of a relationship because we're always thinking: "they aren't that bad",  "it's just this one time, we have so many good memories otherwise". These are all excuses: we're all victims or being blind to red flags so here's how to notice them before it's too late.

1.) Relationship between partners

What is having a partner even about?

A partnership should be built on compromises, compassion, and respect. If the relationship lacks one of those important components, it usually is either doomed to end, or you notice the signs and you fix the problems, or the relationship simply stays toxic for one of the partners or even both.

So what are those so called red flags?

These are the little signs that we usually tend to overlook. It can start by a partner suggesting something, but not listening for your input, resulting in them controlling every aspect of your life. 

Why people don't notice "obvious" signs? It's emotional manipulation; even if you notice them, you can't do much about it without hurting the other persons feelings (or at least that's what tends to be in the head of the one who is manipulated).

If you end up thinking and talking more about relationship than being in it, if you're upset after each fight you have and you're feeling like you're guilty for everything; if your mood switches from good to bad in the presence of your partner, then you're in a toxic relationship and should get out of it. I won't even go to verbal and physcal agression because it's a no go in any case for that.

2.) Family relations

I know that there are certain norms for what should and should not be allowed between family members. But always keep in mind family members are always supposed to be a healthy support and not the abusers of any kind.

It doesn't matter if they gave birth to you and feed you because they were the one made the choice to have you in first place!

This means that if they were in the right mindset to have a child they should be responsible to take care of you without any kind of abuse because you don't deserve it, no matter what you did.

And that is why I have the opinion that parents should be more educated about children. Because if you don't know how to raise kid in a normal way (without being mean and degrading, without violence), then you shouldn't have it.

So yes, I will say that if parents don't know how to establish boundaries and be in support of their children, they shouldn't have them. And if that's the case with your parents, I would suggest finding alternatives to get out of that toxic enviroment(maybe some relative?). There are always solutions if you are ready to change yourselves as well!

Nothing comes without cost. You've been in a toxic relationship with a partner? Well, first you have to get out of it, get through the pain of breakup and then go through the process of working on yourself and sorruounding yourself with people that love you and want to help you.

And the same goes for changes with family. First, be realistic of the situation, work on yourself and then get started in ways to get out of that situation.❤


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