Where Has the Time Gone?

Monday, September 28

By Sydney Jackson

As I write this, it is currently the end of September. The temperature has gotten chillier, the leaves have begun to change, and midterm season is slowly approaching. The only thing that I can even process is: where the hell did the time go? 

I am convinced that coronavirus robbed us of our lazy summer days and long, cozy nights. With everything that 2020 has offered, I honestly can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a day to myself. Without impending worry or stress, my days hardly seemed real. Though with 2020 came a lot of BS, there was plenty to smile about as well. Thinking of all the music, movies, shows, memes, and genuine moments of real human connection, 2020 was not as bad as we might think. In a way, I’m gonna miss this year.

It might be weird to say, since it’s not even over yet, but this year brought with it a lot of lessons, opportunities, gifts, and memories. Regardless of how this year has been for you, I want you to imagine at least one good moment you have had from this year and reflect on it. This might be impossible or difficult for you to try but at least hear me out. Quarantine had me stressed out immensely at the beginning and I honestly did not think I could handle 90% of the things in my life. However, I persevered and encountered a lot of laughs along the way. I even cried, a lot. 

My point being that, this period has been a time for a lot of self-reflection. I really don’t know the purpose of this post or if there even is one. I struggled a lot with this one, because I wanted to give some good advice but I started to sound like a broken record. 

If you take anything from this, I want to remind you that you are not alone in how you feel. This is a weird time for everybody and I know that we are all going through it. I hope this article finds you well, and maybe you can learn something from this. Regardless, thank you for reading. 

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