White Women: The Crocodiles of Tears

Tuesday, May 25

By Sasha Khanin

We’ve all heard about the dangers of racist and misogynistic, old-school conservative white men and how the system of America is made to benefit them and only them. We’ve heard about their power in the education system, in jobs, in society. They are not the object of sexualization and criticism the way we, as women are. They don’t fear rape and being the victim of the next Ted Bundy like women do. Women all face it equally, right? We are all equally scared and oppressed as females. If you agree with me, you are the problem and the exact reason I have to write this article. 

As a white woman myself, I am negatively impacted by the patriarchal system that governs our society, but I still benefit from white privilege and am not oppressed in the way that POC are, no matter their gender. I do not fear being hate-crimed in the street, targeted by police, and any other form of racism because I am white and therefore, have white privilege. So when I say that white women’s tears are almost as, if not equally as dangerous as the power of white men, it’s notable for me to mention that I know what I am talking about. 

White women are often perceived by society as innocent, pure, and usually wealthy, while women of other races are more often sexualized and objectified, and overall, are perceived negatively. So when white women shed tears, crocodile or genuine, they are taken seriously because of their stereotype, more so than other races. I’ve heard stories from POC on TikTok and in-person of people in authority, often also white people, believing a white girl/woman over them, which occurs because of this harmful stereotyping and prejudiced perception of women of different races. The reason that white women’s crocodile tears are so dangerous to POC is that our label as “women” gives the illusion of taking away our title of power and entitlement because we are also subjected to the patriarchy and negatively impacted by it. However, we still receive many benefits from white privilege: being seen as trustworthy, virtuous, pure, and this gives white women the advantage over POC, thus making our tears “dangerous.” Our “oppression” is essentially one of the contributing factors to the actual oppression of people of color. 

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