Why Can't I Stay Organized?

Tuesday, February 16

By Manasi Mudumbai

I know I'm not the only one who has tried time and again to get into some organizational method to try and turn my life around and organize it. The biggest trend I've actively participated in is the wave of bullet journaling. Now, I've spent hundreds of dollars on stationery for said journals. I literally have four journals that are less than half full, including the one I'm using right now. The number of pens and brush pens, markers, highlighters, and washi tape is stupidly huge and the amount of time I've spent is also stupidly huge. 

But every time I get into the rhythm of the artistry behind journaling, I fall behind drastically. It's the constant cycle of productivity and crashing HARD that constantly runs through my mind and how I feel like I failed at journaling and the whole community. Seeing the beautiful spreads that creators make every year, month, week, and the day is so inspiring and are genuinely amazing to look at! Just seeing the spreads inspires me to get into journaling again.

Bullet journaling is just one aspect of how I've tried pulling my life together many a time. I've used routine maintaining apps, systems, and planners, but none of them work. The idea of bullet journaling is to make it so that it's tailored to your needs and how you specifically plan things out. But that level of experimentation requires so much time and effort, even though the basis for it is "starting basic and working around it". My biggest issue with journaling is how I plan for the whole month, start for the first day, but then instantly deteriorate and just stop for the entire month, even to just plan out my days. 

I know mental health is so important for being able to manage a routine and I didn't believe it until I really looked at myself and wondered why I wasn't able to keep myself organized and let myself stick to a routine regularly. 

I think the main problem is that I was never taught to stick to a schedule by myself. I had schedules for school and what I had to do after I got back, but after college began, I literally had no idea about what I needed to do to stay organized. I think all the articles online help, but I still haven't found a method that works for me. I want to say it's alright, but if I don't come up with a system soon, I don't know how productive I'll genuinely be. 

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