Why Branded Content Is Important

Saturday, May 23

By Mars Taylor

In today's modern era of gurus and influencers, most of us are at least mildly aware of what content marketing and branding is. What you may not be aware of is why branded content is so important and what it does for content creators.

Wait, what is branded content?

Good question. Branded content is a form of marketing that makes you associate the product and the values with the creator and the company. For example, when you think of a popular athletic shoe brand or hear "Just Do It", you automatically think of Nike. Branded content allows a company or content creator to build a steady, faithful following that shares their beliefs and is likely to keep supporting them in future endeavors.

Why does branded content matter?

Branded content is just another form of marketing. It's essential to growing a brand the same way other forms of marketing are, such as paid advertisements and word of mouth. When subscribers or consumers realize they can depend on you for a certain type of content or product, they're more likely to keep coming to you for that specific item. 

How can branded content help my company/me as a content creator?

Branded content can help you in so, so many ways. Here's just a few:

  • As people start to get familiar with your brand, your following will start to grow. Having a consistent brand makes you an easier name to remember and if they like the products/content you put out, they're more likely to reccommend you to friends and family.
  • When your following starts growing and people start talking about you, other companies and content creators will start to take note. They may offer you sponsorships or ask to collaborate.
  • If you pair posting regular, consistent content with branded content, then you're more likely to be successful than someone who posts sporadic, infrequent content. 

Branding your content will also help you in the future if you launch an online shop, write a book, release an album, or do any of the creative things you may have been considering. It will give you a name to do all of it under, and that means you don't have to scramble to figure out the details of your professional pseudonym or website domain because you've already got it figured out!

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