Are all chick flicks guilty pleasures, or do we just hate girls?

Tuesday, June 30

By Lujain Maksoud

Ever heard someone say "This movie, *insert name of chick flick*, is my guilty pleasure" perhaps a family member, a friend, or maybe you've said that yourself.

When we refer to something as our "guilty pleasure" we're usually trying to avoid scrutiny from others, you probably don't want to be laughed at of for enjoying such a "silly" movie, so it instantly becomes your guilty pleasure. But the truth is, you enjoy this movie, you don't think its why can't you admit that? why do we have to make others believe that that our love for a certain chick flick is only a one time thing?

You should know the answer to that by now, society hates teenage girls. We hate everything teenage girls like, we hate their shows, their movies, their activities, their trends, their youtube videos, their-okay you get it, we're constantly mocking girls and trying to find things wrong with their narrative, and since Chick Flicks are predominantly enjoyed by teenage girls, they instantly become a "guilty pleasure" by association, 

"But Lujain, I'm a teenage girl, and I still refer to the chick flicks I like as guilty pleasures" at one point I did too, and that's because of internalized misogyny. Teenage girls have been made to hate on one another, you can even argue that they've become their own worst enemy... 

Here's this movie that teenage girls seem to really like, so it must be bad, right?

To All The Boys I've Loved Before? a guilty pleasure

Mean Girls? a guilty pleasure

 But of course when it comes to movies that are enjoyed by teenage boys, its no longer a guilty pleasure, because when its a mans story it must be good...

Whether you believe it or not, we do hate on teenage girls, and we need to stop. Yes, people don't usually have bad intentions when referring to a movie as their "guilty pleasure", but  misogyny is so ingrained in our lives that we tend to not realize it when we're harming other girls. A thing as small as looking down at 'girly' movies can result with young girls being forced to turn on each other, they'll begin to develope a superiority complex as they try to please their society, "I'm not like other girls" they'll claim "I don't enjoy these movies" and that's all because we made them believe that enjoying certain movies makes them inferior.


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