Why Fast Food is a Great Job But Also a Dangerous One.

Monday, August 24

By Allison Kephart

One day you love your job and the next you can't stand it. Then you like it again, and now you want to quit. Same. 

I honestly am more afraid of my boss thinking there is something wrong with me, than the idea of quitting. I don't plan on leaving my job for a few more months anyway. But sometimes I get super emotional at work, and I have to call out the next day. Quick serves takes a lot of me, people! 

Last week I was ugly crying while taking orders and after three hours of that I couldn't stand it anymore, and I asked my manager if I could go home early. She was all worried, and at like 11 pm my boss called me to see if I was okay. Which was super nice of him, but in reality was probably not an awesome thing. Lets clear the air of why I get so sad while at work...

People are mean! I'm really good at my job because I'm nice and soft. I take people's orders, correct things when they're wrong, and I listen to their problems. But the only way I can care about every single person (all 500, every day, five days a week) is if I genuinely care about them, which I do. 

It is a double-edged knife that not all businesses care about or understand. If you want to hire people who care, will always be on time, will pick up shifts as much as they can, and will do everything in their power to be the best... they probably have anxiety and will cry sometimes. Or if they're like me will cry once a month and will need some 'me' time. 

I love my job, I love the fast-paced environment, and I love my boss! What I don't love are the people with which I work. They don't seem to care like I do, and this is just a paycheck to them. Which is totally fine if I'm being honest, but it puts a lot of pressure on me, because I do care. People are mean, and it seems like they are just because they want to be. Push me out of the way to get to the bathroom first, push me to wash their hands first, pump into me 15 times during the four hours we have to work together because they 'keep forgetting' that I'm standing there, and a dozen other things that may seem small but turn into a big hill I can't seem to climb. 

The issue is that these things aren't even the reason I need to leave (it just gives me reason to leave sooner). I want to move to another state, and I don't know how to tell my boss. I don't even know how to have that conversation with my mom!

Something I'm trying to remember is that I'm not doing this job for my co-workers; I'm doing for the costumers and my boss. The people who come through aren't always appreciative and sometimes are the reason I get upset. They speak to me like I should already know what they want, and if I rush them too quickly, they get angry. But most of the time when you're super nice and friendly they will be too. I do it for the customer that called the store asking how mobile ordering worked but then decided she was just going to come by and order, then when she did, she recognized my voice over the speaker and was very happy to hear it. I do it for the costumes that come to the window to pay and ask to see who took their order because I 'was such a pleasure'. I do it because I know how much it means to me when someone who sees 500 people a day makes me feel special. 

Some days the environment is too much for me to ignore, the drama, and the childish games are too much for me to walk through. 

Yet, those hard days you have (because you WILL have them), make the good days better. They somehow feel lighter and more manageable. I guess it's because you know how much worse it could be in that moment, but it's not. Think about who you're doing it for and where it's going to get you. Working in fast food is great experience, and sometimes a lot of people look for on your resume. Its hard, not everyone is cut out to do it. Sometimes it gets the best of you, and that's okay. 

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