Why I Still Love Harry Potter

Wednesday, June 10

By Austin James

As an avid Harry Potter fan, I found myself vexed with J.K. Rowling’s latest batch of transphobic Twitter remarks. The books that filled my childhood with joy and were the muse for much of my recess role-playing games have become somewhat more complicated of a subject as of late.

However, amid this twitter fiasco of ferocious tweets and vows to denounce love of all things Harry Potter, I find myself feeling calmer then I thought. No doubt her tweets truly infuriate me to no end and conjure up anger in the deepest parts of my being for their unjust nature - but my love for Harry Potter remains unwavering. 

I am of the belief that once a creation, be that of any kind, leaves the squishy, oval-shaped blob that is one’s brain and makes its way into existence, ownership becomes moot. Once a writer releases their creation into the world they relinquish all control over said work; leaving it open to interpretation, dissection, and study. We each take away something different; we identify with different characters, empathize with different actions, find ourselves in different parts of the story - the intended meaning is no longer relevant.

Think of the time you heard a song that spoke to you as if the lyrics were written for you, and you alone; as if the artist had written that song for no other occasion then yours. Whether the song was written about a lost lover or a forgotten daughter doesn’t matter - what matters is how the song made you feel, what matters is the impact it left on you. 

The Harry Potter books taught us that we could do anything; that a bunch of young, awkward, foolish kids could make a difference. It taught us that no matter how young we are, we are never too young to do something important. Harry Potter taught us that the impossible could be made possible. 

Whether J.K. Rowling continues to be a transphobic partisan, or wakes up tomorrow and decides she’s starting a campaign to save the whales - I refuse to let my love for the Harry Potter series be dictated by a woman’s tweets made in a bedroom halfway across the world. 

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