Why I've Been Gone

Wednesday, October 13

By Lane Bashline

I know I haven't reached out

I know I haven't asked you how your day was

How your boyfriends treating you

How your homecoming dress looked


I know I haven't called you 

I know that's why we don't talk anymore

I know that's why we've stopped talking altogether.


I don't know why you haven't texted me

Why you haven't sent a letter

Why you haven't screamed my name at the top of your lunges until I screeched back


You knew I was hurt

You knew I was lying alone 

In my king-sized bed

Living my own personal hell


I used to think you were my best friend

But you stopped asking about me

Stopped telling people about me

Stopped leaving your laughter on my bed side table


I've been busy 

You have been too

But I miss you 


I miss you and the hills

I miss the makeup counters

I miss the songs you sing


I've been in my ivory tower

With locks on the windows

Rubber bands on my wings

Where I'm cared about

Not like what you do

You know I don't like that

You know I don't want to talk about my feelings

Don't want my thoughts analyzed

Don't wanna use safety scissors 



Can we still be pen pals?

Call me?

Send a text

Scream my name

Then go back to your life

i need you.





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