Why I Write

Friday, March 19

By Sasha Khanin

Nobody asked, so I’m going to give an unsolicited speech. I’ve been writing for a long time and I haven’t stopped. There’s a reason. Writing is almost the only time I can get my thoughts and opinions out in the open without being interrupted. Almost every time I say something about feminism or misogyny, a man will interject with one of their trademark phrases, such as “ - Well, not all men -” Not all men what? Assault? Rape? Objectify women? Talk over us when we are trying to talk about how we keep getting interrupted? 

As a woman in STEM, I’ve been interrupted more times than I can count, and about nine out of ten times, it was a boy who decided his opinion was more valid than mine. Starting a thought and being able to end it is rare; it’s honestly easier to earn high marks in AP and honors classes than it is to say something without being cut off. I think this speaks for how much women are overlooked and generally not viewed as important as men seem to be, which is why I and many others turn to write. When I write, my thoughts flow freely on the page, without a boy saying, “Actually, this never happens” or some other comment that undermines my message. 

And recently, I wrote an article about misogyny. Funnily enough, a few boys commented about how stupid it was. I think it was very generous of them to prove my point. But the main idea is that if I was speaking out loud instead of writing my thoughts out on a document, I’m almost certain that I would be interrupted. And that’s why I write; because I’m sick of other people deciding when my thoughts are valid and when I should stop speaking. 

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