Why is it so hard to remember that celebrities are human beings?

Thursday, May 13

By Ana Trucco


I want to start this rant with what may be considered as a controversial statement: celebrities don't owe you absolutely anything and are totally entitled to have issues.

In our modern world, judging has become the norm. This is not only encouraged but deeply related with the fact that almost everything, and everyone, is just a couple clicks away. This “accessibility”, which is a way of putting it, has also developed into both fandoms and hatred. The ying and the yang. I believe they wouldn't exist without the other, they are kind of symbiotic in my mind.

As someone with trust issues, I could never bring myself to be part of a fandom. Not only because I wouldn’t be able to love someone I never met but also because I don’t like to expect things for people. Don’t get me wrong, I think fandoms can be very positive and so cool, but I also believe that sometimes they put too many expectations into people that are bound to break them. I am a fan of so many works from so many different people, but I believe their morals to be nothing more than a bonus. I don't expect anything from them.

Those expectations I mentioned are, in my view, the same that cause hatred. People like to judge and insult celebrities because of these idea they formed on their own minds regarding how famous people should behave. I just think: Why would you expect something from a stranger and why would you feel hurt if they do not follow your own expectations only when they are famous? I don’t think you drop a line of thought upon your neighbors and expect them to follow it. People do not deserve less respect just because they are public figures and they certainly do not have the obligation to be likeable (despite how cool that would be). 

In addition to all the previous, I have also noticed (and even sometimes made the mistake of taking part in) a belief that famous people aren’t entitled to have issues because they are rich and loved by many. That is such an incorrect point of view. They may not struggle financially but they certainly struggle in their own, I guess obviously privileged, ways. Anxiety and every other mental health disorder do not discriminate and shouldn’t be minimized just because the person suffering from them has a bigger wallet than most. 

I specifically remember seeing a tweet that used a clip of a celebrity’s interview in which they talked about struggling with an anxiety and panic disorder in which the person writing it said, and I quote: “Like they even have something to stress about, go cry in your mansion”. I felt so bad. You do not have the obligation of empathizing with a stranger but you are never allowed to be so cruel, ever. That's when all these thoughts came together and formed the opinion I’m now sharing. With all this, I do not seek to angelize celebrities, I wish to humanize them. 

In conclusion, I think we should work on lowering the amount of thing we expect from celebrities and remembering that, only because we consume their work, they aren't indebted to any of us. We should focus more on ourselves and less on tabloids.

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