Why You Should Boycott "Jimmy's Famous Seafood"

Monday, July 13

By Tori Wilde

Their horrible treatment of animals and disregard of customers has finally reached a boiling point.

Have you heard of Jimmy’s Famous Seafood? If you have, chances are it’s not because of their food but because of their ‘roasts’ towards people. At first, I thought it was amusing; who doesn’t like a good clapback? But the restaurant has taken it too far on several occasions and the events of the past few days have only made me more certain that I’d never want to dine there, ever.

A black, vegan chef, Dominique Williamson, posted an image to her Twitter of delicious looking vegan crab cakes she made in her own cafe. Honestly, those crab cakes looked heavenly (even more heavenly to me personally, as I don’t eat seafood but would love to munch on them). The tweet was just a normal young woman showing off her outstanding food.


However, instead of celebrating her talents, the young chef was soon getting racist and hateful messages and threats. Why? Because Jimmy’s Famous Seafood, a well-known and popular restaurant, decided to bully the chef from their Twitter account.

In response to the crab cake tweet, the restaurant tweeted an image of a saddened Will Smith – meant to signify their disgust and disappointment over the cakes. Why, you ask? Because apparently Jimmy’s Famous Seafood thinks it’s okay to bully people making vegan food, something which they had also done in the past.

It only gets worse from there. Upon being called out by several shocked Twitter users, the restaurant simply responded with “You think The Jimmy’s Army won’t return the favor?”, after which fans of the restaurant began commenting on the small business’s page, tweeting that her food looks disgusting. A racist also privately messaged Williamson, calling her the N-word and saying he’d eat his own sh*t before eating her crab cakes. The most horrible thing is that the horrible restaurant was the one to incite this fight – the young woman had just been minding her own business before the restaurant attacked her. Absolutely vile.


Jimmy’s has since made their tweets private, which unfortunately shows what is often ignored in our society – black people get attacked for absolutely no reason and, rather than apologizing, their racist attackers choose to ignore them instead of owning up.

Another horrific aspect of Jimmy’s Famous Seafood is how gleeful they are admitting to the animal cruelty which occurs in their restaurants. Their reply to distraught Twitter users with images of crabs and lobsters being cooked alive, they make fun of vegan and animal rights activists and they have no remorse in doing any of it. The restaurant seems to take great pleasure in making their captive animals suffer and boasting that it’s the best way to eat seafood, as well as attacking people over their vegan and much more sustainable recipes – how ironic, considering that the fishing industry is often so unsustainable that the discarded nets and fishing lines account for a staggering 46% of the plastic in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Not to mention that the bycatch from fishing accounts for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of marine animals, including dolphins, turtles and whales. Jimmy’s Famous Seafood does not acquire their produce through sustainable means.

In short, Jimmy’s Famous Seafood is a vile, hateful restaurant who has no remorse over their horrific actions both towards people and animals. Don’t eat there. Instead, eat at Dominique Williamson’s café, and I’m sure you will be a hundred times more satisfied.

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